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Use our helpful scanner to scan any product in any store. Instantly read consumer reviews, see scores, and view awards from top websites.

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Compare two scanned products, or browse products from our extensive database and compare features, specs, and top reviews.

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Find the best prices by comparing local and in-store prices with online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and others.

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Real reviews from real people is what Purchx is all about. Your reviews help others make buying decisions. Unbiased real experiences with products are why hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded Purchx already. And you’ll know when you’ve helped another user every time you get kudos for one of your reviews.

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Helpful reviews get noticed. Every time you write a complete review we’ll give you bonus points and an immediate reward. Collect points and gain expertise in the product categories you know the most about. And when you’re a great reviewer, other users will follow you and look forward to your next review.

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The more points you earn by using the app every day the higher you’ll get on the Purchx leaderboards. Make the Top 10 this month when you earn more points than other users and get in the All Time Top 10 by continuing to earn points for writing reviews, scanning products, and much more.

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