What kind of products does Purchx have?

We have more than 3 million products from just about every category you can think of. From computers and electronics to groceries and household goods to beauty and health. And we’re adding more all the time. Click on Explore at the top of any page to see all the types of products on Purchx.

Who writes the reviews?

First and foremost, our reviews come from you, the Purchx community. You have already contributed millions of reviews that help other users make informed purchase decisions. We never edit your reviews, so tell us what you’re really thinking. Don’t hold back whether you have a glowing comment or a nagging problem. Just be sure to make the reviews as helpful as possible to other users. They can vote on your reviews’ helpfulness and we award points based on those votes.

In addition to your reviews, we now have our own editors from other Purch sites contribute reviews. Those reviews are always marked so you know when it’s an expert giving their trusted opinion about a product.

And lastly, we also aggregate reviews from retailer sites where even more real consumers buy and rate products.

Do I need to sign up to use Purchx?

In a word, no. You can search for products, scan products (with our mobile apps), browse through categories, compare products, and read reviews without registering for Purchx. We do require you to sign up to rate and review products, earn points, get rewards, and enjoy other personalized and interactive features. Registering for Purchx simply makes the whole experience even better. You’ll get a personalized home page. You’ll be able to bookmark products and comparisons. And when you connect Facebook and Twitter your experience gets social. You can follow other friends who use Purchx and you can share your reviews or products you love. Note that we never post to social networks without your permission.

We also ask you to register before you rate a product to make sure all our reviewers are real people. We constantly work to make sure the information you get on Purchx is accurate, informative, and helpful.

How do I earn points?

We award points for participating in Purchx. Writing reviews, scanning products, rating other reviews, even updating your profile will earn you points. For a full list of the points you can earn, click here.

How do I get the app?

You can download the Purchx app for free on the App Store and Google Play. Be sure to enable automatic updates so you'll always have the latest features. We update the app every few weeks based on your feedback and new features that we come up with.

What does Purchx do with all my personal information?

Purchx uses the personal information you optionally provide, your location when you give us explicit permission, your friends activities when you follow them, and your own scanning, searching, and browsing history to make your experience more personal. Purchx will never use your personal information in a way that compromises your privacy. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

What if I see an error in the information for a product?

Mistakes happen, especially when you are tracking millions of products that change all the time. If you see something on Purchx that’s wrong, simply contact us. You can use the feedback form on the website and in the apps to send us a message. We read every single email and try to get back to you within two days. Be sure to include the name of the product. And if you’re on the website, copy and paste the URL of the product page. This will help us solve the issue you’ve found more quickly.

How can I alert Purchx about inappropriate reviews?

We want everyone in the Purchx community to feel welcome. If you see a review that has inappropriate language or inappropriate comments about a product, brand, or another user, please alert us immediately by using the feedback form on the website and in the apps. We read every single email and will respond to you. Be sure to include the name of the product and the username of the review. And if you’re on the website, copy and paste the URL of the product page. This will help us identify the offending review more quickly.

How do I disconnect my social network accounts?

Not feeling social? No worries. You can disconnect your social network accounts at any time. Simply go to that social network and revoke access permission for Purchx. In the future you’ll be able to disconnect social accounts from directly within the Purchx website and apps.