American Crew Defining Paste

by American Crew

American Crew Defining Paste
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for straight hair
for thick hair
less greasy


Firm hold. Humidity didn't affect the style throughout the day. I was hoping to find packaged deals from crew. The shower products had always proven quality so I tried the styling products.

My husband uses this every morning when his hair is almost all dry. It never looks greasy, but defines his hair and gives it a textured, finished look. I like the the smell because it reminds me of our fun dating times, but I could see how some people might not like it. I recommend smelling it in the store before you order it.

Great for everyday hair styling, without the crispy, greasy outdated look of gel or mousse

This paste works better than any hair paste, pomade, or gel I've ever used. It's pretty simple to use. Just grab a dime sized amount and rub between your palms vigorously and then spread through your hair while styling. The best part of this product is how it holds. Your hair will not be hard or greasy like other products. You can literally run your hand through your hair and it will not flake or anything. I've used a lot of hair products to tame my straight thick hair and I find this has worked the best!

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Good stuff, low shine, good hold all day long. Strange smell at first but it's grown on me. I like it!

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