Trident w/Xylitol 18 Sticks Spearmint Sugar Free Gum

by Trident

Trident w/Xylitol 18 Sticks Spearmint Sugar Free Gum
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i loveee!!!!

When I feel like chewing on something to stay awake I chew gum. Trident is my go to gum because of it's portable packaging and long lasting taste. It has a good intense flavor that doesn't overwhelm you and long lasting.

Spearmint is my favorite gum flavor. Tridents take on it is pretty good. They gum flavor lasts for a few hours but the gum texture turns to mush after a while, not exactly sure why. Good gum though. I will buy again.

One of my favorite gums! The flavor is amazing and it lasts a long time! Only thing is that the packaging is bad so it is very easy to spill... Still a great buy!

Very good flavor. Only the 1st time that I have tried it. I got it for only 85 cents so it is definitely of great value. I do recommend it and I will be buying it again.

Trident spearmint sugar-free gum tasted just like toothpaste. I like that it is sugar-free but I did not like the flavor of it. I just gave the rest of the pack to my sisters

I love Trident gum, especially the spearmint flavor. I take medication that gives me a dry mouth and Trident helps to get the juices flowin'! I don't mind the price but would happily pay whatever as it's the only gum I've tried that doesn't lose its flavor right away.

I love the spearmint flavor it's my favorite. It has a strong enough mint taste with out the toothpaste kind of mint taste. Trident is also good for the size of their sticks the are small there for the package is small and easy to carry. Also this gum never gets hard to chew.

Hey, it's gum. I like the flavor, it lasts, good consistency. Price is right.

Healthy and teasty ;]

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