Donut Shop Keurig Coffee People 18 K-Cups Coffee

by Keurig

Donut Shop Keurig Coffee People 18 K-Cups Coffee
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8th in Coffee Pods

easy to blend


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Great coffee!

Had a hard time finding some that weren't expired!

Donut Shop is my favorite coffee! It's not too strong. Very yummy!

Love this coffee and apparently it's a fave everywhere else because it's always sold out in stores which is a huge bummer. I need my coffee in fact just hook me up to a I.V. And I'm set. But again I can hardly keep it in my kitchen and that's a bit upsetting especially when it's almost every store trip. The flavor is yummy. Not too bold where it tastes bitter and not too light where you feel like you're drinking watered down corner store coffee.

As a new coffee drinker I have been sampling many different k-cups and have found this one to be a great one. I like the flavor because it isn't too bold and I can use my favorite creamers with it.

Got this when I bought the keurig for these for valentines day. We were told buy very good friends it was good. I'm not a coffee drinker, but then who swears buy only Duncan doughnuts coffee really liked it and said it tasted very similar to the Duncan doughnuts brand and he would buy it. That says a lot!

I LOVE this flavor. Reminds me of the donut ship. True to description. This s my #1 choice in flavors. It can not be duplicated. Although a bit pricey. Well worth the cost!

Delicious coffee smart cup just pop one in and you have a great tasting cup of coffee we have at my job there is nothing like it out there my office manager bought online on their website

Great coffee!!

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