Propel Zero Berry Nutrient Enhanced Water

by Propel Zero

Propel Zero Berry Nutrient Enhanced Water
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I LOVE propel! Normally I can't stand flavored water, especially anything with no sugar but holy moly! This is some yummy stuff! I'd definitely buy this again! It's really good.

Great tasting water, nice energy!

Great flavor and I love that I can take them anywhere and everywhere I go if I wish to.. It adds a great flavor to water.! Great for when I do not have any juice around.

This is one if my favorite flavors. I love the packaging as I can keep them almost everywhere so I alway have them when I need them. Not too pricey and available almost everywhere.

Great addition to your bottled water! Yummy! I'm love it and will keep buying. No weird coloring- looks clear like water. Great flavor and still refreshing. Love the additions of protein, antioxidants, etc.

I love these little propel packs. If you want flavor in your water this is the way to go because it tastes better than mio and costs less than it does also. Great.

This product rocks! I recommend anyone and everyone to get this versus the actual bottles because this is awesome. It's not a lot of calories and a great substitute against sodas especially if you are on a diet or working on losing weight!

Some of the favors are a little weird, but I like that it has vitamins. No more expensive than Fruit2O, but has extra stuff in it.

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