Essential Concealer Brush by e.l.f.

by E.l.f.

Essential Concealer Brush by e.l.f.
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easy to apply


Best product there is. You simply apply it with any concealers or foundation and forms the perfect creasing not only that but this brush is long lasting and softer than ever

I have yet to use this for it's intended purpose(concealer) but I love Using it to apply gel liner! Wet it and use your shadows as liners!

This brush is too small for using with concealer in my opinion but it makes a good gel eyeliner brush to me. Its nicely tapered and firm. Cant also beat the prices on these

I really like this concealer brush for spots or zits because the brush is so small and dense. But I don't really like using it underneath my eyes and I prefer a larger concealer brush. But overall, it's pretty good quality for only being a dollar!

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