Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaning Spray

by Method Products Inc.

Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaning Spray
70 Reviews

12th in Bathroom Cleaning



I was introduced to the Method brand about six months ago and it's all I buy now. I love the all purpose and the wood cleaner smells amazing! Between the quality and extremely reasonable price, I can't see myself switching anytime soon!

With two little girls and a love for lavender, this cleaner is the one I choose when I shop. I use it in any room of the house and on nearly any surface. The peace of mind it gives along with the lovely scent makes it a worthwhile buy!

I love method line, all of them. People complain about residue... I'd rather see and rewipe up after this product than wonder what nasty chemical is being left behind after other cleaning products. As far as cutting grease, go for the grapefruit scent. The citrus oils do wonders for kitchen grease!

This product smelled really nice, but left quite a bit of residue. The cleaning power somewhat less than average. I'll be sticking to Windex or Mr. Clean from now on.

I'm in love with the entire Method line. No more tell-tale "just cleaned the kitchen & bathroom" smell when guests arrive - the scents are all delicious and natural.

I use it for light cleaning and deodorizing. I haven't tried it on tough stains because it doesn't seem to cut grease like the heavy-duty environmentally polluting agents out there ;)

Will never use a different product, again. This is absolutly the best cleaning product--Ever

Saw this rated #1 on America's Test Kitchen and wanted to try it. Love that it is plant based. Did you know other similar products that are not natural are petroleum-based?? Like Fantastic, 401, etc. Cuts grease like a pro and works great. Also smells good.

This cleaning spray smells so great it almost makes you want to clean more! Effective for standard, everyday counter wipe-downs.

Works great all over the apartment

Kitchen counters, kitchen tables, appliances, painted woodwork, play areas, work tables-all cleaned nicely with this spray, and with a reasonably pleasant odor that's something like lavender. It's not quite like fresh/real lavender, but I'll take it any day over the regular chemical shlock.

super works beautifully and smells great

Smells fantastic and very natural. Cleans well. I won't use anything else.

Smells wonderful, and is very tough on dirt. We moved into a disaster of a new house, and it was a lifesaver. I have never used a better cleaner.

I was very surprised that this product cleans as well as it does! I will definately buy it again. I'm trying other products in this line. The smell is wonderful!

Wow, this product cleans better than the scrubbing bubbles or lysol cleaners! And it smells great. I'm very sensitive to scents, and using chemical cleaners always gave me headaches. This cleaner does not.

I love the whole "Method" line. They smell and clean wonderful. I can't go back to chemical cleaners after using these.

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