The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones
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Sad story, but great book, like every other book that has a movie after it.. the book has more detail about the family and all

Such a sad book. I had to slow myself down so I wouldn't read the book so quickly. I'm very picky when it comes to books I read, but I really liked this book. I would read again... Or watch the movie :)

I hated this book. The only reason it got two stars instead of one is because it managed to manipulate me into feeling sad and weepy (the entire goal of the book, so mission accomplished). The idea of bringing home and personalizing the great human tragedy of violence against women is compelling,...

Well, gee, I didn't think it was THAT bad. I avoided reading this book for several years despite its bestseller status, and the fact that several people urged me strongly to read it. I generally don't read novels about murdered children. They creep me out. But the people who were recommending it...

I thought this book was excellent. It was written in a different perspective and I enjoyed that. A definite winner.

if you like a suspence story it is a good book to read its really great and it keeps you on your feet

I bought the product because I was interested in the story. I was please with it and the condition of the book.

All I can say is (though I love the movie) it does not do the book justice. The book is more raw and real to life...make sure to have tissues.

My daughter is going to read this book in october 2011. She is 10th grade. I hope that she can understand and learn reading this book.

This book is different from the movie; in some ways a lot different but also similar (: Good book though! A tear-jerker! A little scary/creepy! :O

All I can say, is WOW. I thought the movie was really touching, but this goes into so much depth and it's truly moving. I normally don't read a whole lot, but I couldn't keep my hands off of this book... I even read it in my free time. Definitely amazing.

read it once, saw the movie, and decided to buy the book and read it again. the girl had an amazing story and the book compares nothing to the movie

To be honest, I really didn't like it that much because it wasn't that great of writing in the book. When I read the first few chapters I got very bored while reading it. I couldn't wait till I got to the end. I was going to see the movie but now that I have read the book I know that the movie is going to be bad. I would suggest if you are going to read this book. Read the first few chapters and then read the last few chapters. I know that it is about a dead girl and her after math but I wish it was a lot more interesting.

The story hits the ground running, starting with the most gruesome in the very first chapter. An addicting and interesting read, the Lovely Bones is an original story that will have you emotionally invested in the character's lives as they go through the loss of a loved one.

i haven't got to read the book yet. my sister highly recomended it to me. i feel stupid rating a book i have not opened but if thats the responce you require-so be it...

Great book and great condition just as stated. Thanks ...

I had read this book a long time ago when it first came out. Since it had now been made into a movie, I decided to reread it. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the book as much this time. The second half of the book seemed to drag. Since I didn't see the movie, I can't say how it compared to the book.

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