e.l.f. Mist And Set

by E.l.f.

e.l.f. Mist And Set
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82nd in Other Makeup

easy to apply


This is a good setting spray for beginners or if you're in a pinch. I felt like it applied more like a "heavy spray." For a couple extra dollars go with one suited for your skin type, and for best results get one that's a "mist."

I know that the Elf cosmetics are a hit with people and I can certainly understand that to a degree. I think I feel personally that they are just way too overrated. For a younger generation such as teenagers I can completely understand why Elf is such a hit with the girls. Myself growing up as a teen in the early and mid 90's the biggest items we had made available to us was from Wet-N-Wild. Being that teen girls are only beginning to experiment with cosmetics this brand is great for that reason alone. I just don't feel or see the reason why young girls need to have and own expensive items or premier cosmetics brands. So this brings me to the adults and their use and love for Elf cosmetics as well. This is what I can't understand. We have such inexpensive cosmetic brands of all kinds these days and companies that surpass Elf when it comes to quality so why would anyone choose to wear this brand and not something just a bit nicer? I don't see Elf as a serious company that is making and putting out the highest of quality items. I think that people are more so buying in to the price point of these products and not the quality. I am not just talking crazy here from inexperience using the brand myself because I have tried quite a few of the cosmetics by Elf in hopes to get a more clearer understanding of people's love for this brand and yet I was left so baffled and scratching my head as to why this brand is thought to be such as it is by many as the greatest brand out there.

I bought it just to see if it works, nope. The spray bottle applies unevenly and it's very small. The product itself didn't do anything to help my makeup stay on longer. The smell wasn't very pleasant but it did fade away when it dried.

I'm not too sure about this product. I haven't seen any benefit from it. Thank goodness it was only $1.00. If it sits too long, it has a horrible smell that makes it unusable. Will not repurchase.

I love this stuff. It's easy to apply and it will help make your makeup last for a very long time. I apply it after I'm done putting on my setting powder and my make up will last almost all day. It's a good buy.

Haven't has much experience with setting sprays so i think it works fine. Only thing i dont like is the smell at first. But after a couple of seconds the smell fades. Also pretty cheap price

Didn't like this product compared to other setting sprays. It left my face feeling wet and took forever to dry and my makeup didn't even stay much longer than it does on it's own.

I love e.l.f.! This stuff is cheap yet it works. It doesn't have a strong/weird smell and it doesn't irritate my skin. It keeps my make up on. I use this stuff pretty much everyday, especially when I finish my foundation with powder. Would def recommend.

I'm not a huge fan of this product. It's very inexpensive as all elf products are, but it really doesn't do a whole lot for me. It is very wet after you spray it on your face and takes a long time to dry, making it not good for spraying it in between steps. I don't really notice my makeup staying on much longer than when I don't use it so i don't really use it anymore. I don't recommend buying this as a setting spray. It's probably best to splurge on an urban decay setting spray if you really want a good quality spray to make your makeup last

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