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JavaScript Patterns
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Woo love this book!

If you're a JavaScript developer, you would be wise to have this on your bookshelf--nestled nicely between JavaScript: The Good Parts and High Performance JavaScript . The three make a nice little troika. And read them in that order: The Good Parts, Patterns, and then High Performance. Here's wh...

So far I'm a little disappointed that practices like "write sensible comments" and "indent properly" are really listed as patterns, especially when the book claims to be targeted to professional devs. But I've still got a bunch of pages to go through. UPDATE: Finished now. The title does not lie:...

Only a small part of JavaScript Patterns is about design patterns. Much more pages are spent on best practices and the deployment story. While these parts are very useful, they may not be what you are looking for. The Singleton pattern is a one example I like to pick to illustrate some of the pro...

Este livro me proporcionou maiores conhecimentos de padrões de projeto (Singleton, Factory, Iterator, Decorator, Strategy, Façade, Proxy, Mediator, Observer), performance javascript entre outros, como pude aprender também o que são anti-padrões. O livro cita exemplos primeiramente como "não fazer...

JavaScript Patterns was the first book that made me feel like I really *GOT* JavaScript. I've come away with a much greater appreciation for the language than I used to have, and I feel much more comfortable with the idiotmatic usage of the language. The book, written by a Senior Yahoo! programmer...

A grab bag of practices and techniques for JavaScript development for the core language and some browser specific concerns. The Essentials, Literals and Constructors, Functions, Object Creation Patterns, and Code Reuse Patterns chapters mostly rehash material from "JavaScript: The Good Parts". Th...

Crucial source for JS developers JS Patterns is a well-thought out and executed resource that introduces and explains many common, helpful patterns that modern-day web and app developers will find invaluable. Stefanov clearly explains the reasoning behind each pattern, common problems they solve,...

If you ever come from a different programming language into the world of modern Javascript, this book is a lifesaver as it introduces you to a number of patterns and 'common sense' conventions that have sprouted over the years as Javascript evolved into the powerful (if messy and difficult to mod...

Very good book to read if you need some background in JavaScript. It really helps to code your JavaScript library to be easy to use and extendable. But the book is somewhat outdated. Full 'DOM and Browser patterns' part can be described as 'use jQuery/YUI/your_favourite_framework'.

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Excellent source for JavaScript patterns. A little dated but by the time most computer books are published they are dated. Learned a great deal from this book.

Advanced JavaScript. Great read to understand how JavaScript works in detail and gather valuable insight into the intricacies of JavaScript patterns.

I really enjoyed the 2nd half of the book. This book helped me understand prototypes and Javascript inheritance.

Useful for a deeper understanding of some core JavaScript patterns. If you've used JavaScript before you probably know some of the information in the book, but the deeper understanding is useful even for the concepts you are already aware of.

A solid introduction to a variety of best practices in JavaScript. While the theoretical aspects are interesting (singleton implementation isn't really relevant), the book could've been even more concise without them.

A tad bit old now, but still very relevant. If you're coming over from another language this is an excellent book to read, it should help break the Classical shackles you may be wearing so you're free to adopt a prototypal way of thinking.

A nice "design pattern" like approach to JavaScript. Has a quick overview of some client-side programming techniques in addition to core JavaScript language.

Nice book to learn OOJavaScript.

Nicely written book. Though, I would not consider programming JavaScript using practices and patterns from OOP. I find it as an overkill implementing Object Oriented patters in a language which was designed as an event-driven, and does not support the concept of classes. Moreover, I would conside...

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