Sheba Premium Cuts In Gravy Tuna Entree (Ps #5179919) Wet Cat Food

by Sheba

Sheba Premium Cuts In Gravy Tuna Entree (Ps #5179919) Wet Cat Food
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I absolutely love this product for my cat! Let me start by saying she's been beyond fussy when it comes to wet food. I tried what feels like every other brand of wet food possible and Sheeba is the only thing she'll eat! The portion size is perfect and I can honestly say her fur have never liked so shiny!

I guess I never tried Sheba before because the cans were so small and I didn't think it would be enough. Not only was enough he could get enough of the delicious tasting (going by his reaction), scrumptious Sheba food. I bought a bunch because they were on clearance for $0.25 @ Walmart.

I bought this canned cat food for the first time because my local Wal-Mart had a special package with 3 cans for $0.94. I figured that was a safe enough price that I could buy this food and if my Maine Coon, Samson, didn't like it then I wouldn't be out too much money. Samson is the epitome of picky--it is SO hard to please him when it comes to food and litter. He absolutely WILL NOT eat any food that is pate--He'll eat ONLY bits in gravy. In the end, he LOVES this specific flavor of Sheba canned cat food. I love that actual chicken and tuna come before "by-products" in the list of ingredients.. I prefer NO by-products, but if they're still in the food then I prefer them not to be the first ingredient. I wish the cans were larger so that I could get more than two meals out of one can--A lot of other canned cat foods (such as Friskies or 9 Lives) provide cans double the size of these for the same exact price. That is my only complaint. I give 5 out of 5 stars and I recommend you buy this canned cat food!

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