Mountain Dew Voltage Soda

by Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Voltage Soda
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This is my FAVORITE Mountain Dew drink! It's so sweet, to me, it reminds me of candy. Though I do have to agree that it gets boring after a bottle, so if I buy a 12 pack, and then buy something else with it.

Tastes a LOT like a blue airhead. It's delicious at first, but after half a bottle it gets a little boring. I don't regret buying it because it's yummy (and blue is my fave airhead flavor), but I'll stick with regular Dew in the future.

Don't ask me to explain it, because there are some things you just can't explain, like what makes this soda so amazing. The flavor is so refreshing with a similar to a blue Icee flavor, but amped up with vitamins, minerals & other important natural energy simulators. Anyway, pleasee do bot forcing that calms H, huh what's the sidereal de better mink. Wow, maybe DJ Alumni allow for you

Mountain Dew Voltage is definitely one oft favorite sodas, it's got a great flavor, and the color is cool too. I prefer Voltage to the original! Highly recommend!

This is awesome. It's not healthy, but once in a while I want to drink this blue goodness. :) it's yummy. The price is good. And yes I recommend it to anyone!!!

Mountain Dew voltage soda was not my favorite. I did not like the taste that it turned out to be. I think I like Mountain Dew code red better because of the cherry flavor.

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