Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Conditioner

by Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Conditioner
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Smells really good, but leaves my hair feeling dry once the conditioner is washed off, my hair is thin and in between not oily but not dry

So I bought this conditioner because it smelled amazing plus it had jojoba oil and vitamin D in it but unfortunately I feel like it didn't hydrate my hair as much as I wish that it would have then again I do have unruly curls.

Great conditioner, paired with the shampoo. Smells amazing, leaves hair so soft & managable. I Keep purchasing just to smell the product. Recommend both shampoo& conditioner.

This has been my favorite conditioner since it came out. They discontinued it for a few years but now it's back! My hair doesn't get frizzy and I can leave it in. Number 1 conditioner.

So glad to see this Herbal Essence back on the market...wonderful, wonderful product...highly recommend.


I remember I used to use this when I around 9 years old and it was my favorite scent of a shampoo. So when they stopped making it, I was really sad. But years later its back!!! yay! And it still smells the same, and it leaves my hair smooth. I LOVE IT!

Don't fall for this product! If you are trying to stay away from sulfates and silicones, look elsewhere. Conveniently, the shampoo is labeled "silicone-free" (but it DOES have sulfates) and the conditioner is labeled "sulfate-free". Unbelievably pathetic attempt by P&G to take advantage of a push towards more organic products. Don't waste your money on this.

All time favorite shampoo and conditioner! Smells amazing and leaves hair silky soft and shiny!

I'm so glad to have found the old version of Herbal Essences! It's not that I don't like their new formulas and fragrances, it's that I really missed the original scent. Not only does my hair smell great but it's smooth, shiny, and not weighed down. Classic stuff!

I use this conditioner along with the matching scent shampoo for soft and smooth hair that lasts all day. The smell is amazing! I have frizzy hair and it smooths it out. It lasts me awhile to because I only have to use a little bit. I hope Herbal Essences don't pull this collection ever again!!

I absolutely love this collection! I'm so happy it's back. The scent is amazing and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. It's an amazing French product for just a few bucks!

Love this! It smells great, and when I use it I get compliments on my hair all of the time! It smoothes it out very effectively, and it does a good job of detangling!

So happy they brought this stuff back. Love the original smell as well as the conditioner. Works great on my long, curly hair. I've already gone through a few bottles of this stuff (long, curly, dry hair...I use a lot of conditioner) and its working just as well as it did the first time.

This conditioner smell so good. I'm so glad ti find it in my local Walmart. It was less the $4.00. My daughter use it. And her hair is so soft. I do recommend it.