Nyx Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish / Long Lasting

by NYX

Nyx Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish / Long Lasting
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22nd in Primers

enhances face
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One of the best setting sprays out there and it's such a great buy. I use it daily which is great but what's even better is when you're attending an event and it's lasts all night !

Not a longevity spray but works good if u have dry skin, and u use powder for blush and maybe some areas on ur face to set ur makeup. Takes away powdery finish.

So far I am liking this product. I recently purchased this at ulta after reading reviews. I must say... I wasn't keen on paying $8. I was using the $3 ELF finishing spray. However, I like this spray better. It gives me a nice glow and helps to smooth my foundation. This product is great for thicker foundations. Helps make up from looking cakey. My makeup seemed to last a decent amount of time without getting too greasy. Still had to blot the T-Zone after a few hours. Gave this 4 stars only because I just started using this.

this is definitely a need for your makeup routine. lasts a long time and keeps your makeup from looking cakey. also has a refreshing feel when you spray it on your face after your done!

I love a more dewy finish rather to matte and this product does the job! The price is great and I don't have any complaints. My makeup lasts long and I use it everyday. The only thing I wish was there were bigger bottles available

It's definitely not as good as skindinavia setting sprays but it is comparable, it's almost as good. It sets your makeup, and if your face looks too powdery it tones that down for sure.

I might just be unobservant but I really can't tell if this finishing spray helps my makeup last any longer. I think if you've got a good primer, it probably won't matter. That said, love the dewy finish! I was really nervous of the dewy look but honestly, this is so subtle and natural looking I have been converted! I'm definitely going to by it again.

I've been using this for a few months now and I don't really have any complaints. It gives your face a nice finish and my makeup will still look fresh at the end of the day.

Pretty nice for the price. I prefer my Skindinavia setting spray but this is a nice drugstore option. I would recommend this for people starting off with finishing sprays

I love the finish this leaves. Definitely lives up to the dewy finish name. The mist is pretty fine and it sprays easily. It does help your makeup stay on somewhat but not that much of a difference. I like it for days I wear foundation but I normally stick to my trusty bb cream. It doesn't smell very strong but the smell that is there isn't bad at all.

I have been using this product for a few months now and I love it! I do prefer my urban decay all night setting spray but for the price guy can't really complain!

I actually like this. Works as well as my urban decay one. Not as good as the Kat Von D version. Feels nice. Sprays kinda unevenly but works alright. Gives me an extra hour or two. Mostly use it to make my powder less viable after I set my foundation.

This is the product I have been waiting for! Just on a whim, I bought it on sale and figured if I didn't like it, I didn't spend a fortune on it. I always wanted a dewy look on my face and it gives just the right amount of "glow". Keeps makeup on longer also.

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