Nyx Cosmetics Concealer In A Jar

by NYX

Nyx Cosmetics Concealer In A Jar
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2nd in Concealer

easy to blend


I was not impressed with this concealer at all. It goes on easily but it does not cover up anything unless you put a lot on. It's also a smooth slippery texture so it comes off way too easily. I ended up buying a different concealer the next day because this one was that bad!

After reading all the great reviews, I expected a little bit more from this concealer. Even though it covers pretty well, I can`t compare it to my favorite Dermacol, which gives better coverage and is more reliable, because won`t disappear during the day, like NYX. I should admit though, that I am not using loose powder to set my make-up, since it makes me look older, but it could probably help to make this concealer stay in place. Big plus of NYX concealer is that it is not noticeable on my skin. All in all it is very good quality for the price

This concealer is a cream based concealer. Some would say light to medium coverage, I would say it's medium coverage and it's buildable. Glides on very smoothly, lite and fluffy in texture...not too heavy, and doesn't appear cakey on the skin, blends very well. I would definitely recommend this product to others. This product isn't pricey compared to some other high end concealers but, you can achieve the same coverage as others. Product was purchased for under eye discoloration and I absolutely love it. I was using milani but I think I like this better does feel waxy or sticky.

Nyx is one if my favorite cosmetic companies for concealer. It blends easily and they have a great color selection. They're long lasting and full coverage concealers. And if you're thinking if buying this you should checkout their waterproof concealer it's my favorite out of all of them!

It's not as full coverage as I thought it'd be. It is thick, and the coverage is nice, but I have to use more than I thought I would. I like using it for my dark circles.

These are true full coverage concealers! I use these alone w. a tinted moisturizer on the days where I don't want my full make up routine & I get light weight but true full coverage!

This concealer is thick and blends better with your finger. The price is great and there's more than enough product toast you a while. It can look a bit cakey if you apply to much. I use a brush to apply and blend with my finger.

Wow! I think this concealer could be considered a dupe for Benefits Boi-ing concealer, which I also own and use daily. This concealer is full coverage, yet creamy and easy to blend. The bet part is that it's super affordable. Highly recommend!!

I buy it to cover my black shadow but not 100% working may be 40% cover I see. I like this concealer, I need to use it . It work about average ,

This is one of the best skin concealers I have ever used. It is very effective in covering blemishes and discolorations.

This is a great concealer which does not cost alot.I am so glad I found this product as Clinique stopped making the one I used for yrs. I will stock up on this as I don't want to go through that again.

I think that this product is great. I was looking for something similar to the MAC concealer and the NYX concealer exceeded my expectations.It glides on smoothly and does leve a cakey residue. I will purcahse again.

product had been recommended to me, and it has been fabulous, other products were not as effective as this one

I bought this product in the green and yellow concealer shade to cover up redness and under eye circles. I liked this product because it felt and looked light weight. I didn't really dislike anything about the product. I compared this product to a liquid concealer and found that this creamy concealer felt more light weight, looked less cakey and gave me more coverage. Overall I would buy this product again. Next time I will try it in a skin coloured shade.

I love Nyx products!!! :) I buy because I want to change all my makeup to Nyx makeup. Nyx products are the best!! :) kisses :*

This is all a girl needs for a perfect spotless skin. Great product, soft touch and long lasting, don't let your skin greasy.

I bought this product because I was told by a friend that it was great. My friend was correct. The product is great, highly reccommend it!

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