Recaro ProSPORT Harness to Booster Car Seat - Blue Opal

by Recaro North America

Recaro ProSPORT Harness to Booster Car Seat - Blue Opal
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My performance ride car seats were a bit big for my new car, I LOVED the seats, so I emailed recaro and after a couple emails back and forth they sent us 4 new performance boosters. We got redd, sapphire, rose &a whatever the purple one was called.... I love the colors don't get me wrong, but the best part about these seats isn't the color at all.... THEY ARE SO SO EASY TO CLEAN! Plus I've found they are really easy to install. I usually upgrade or replace our seats once A year... I'm just a weirdo like that... And as I mentioned above I loved the recaro performance ride seats, and after receiving the performance sport I can't help but think these seats were are and beyond awesome! I don't think I'll be buying any other seats! They seem durable, they are very easy to install, I've never found an easier seat to clean and recaro customer support is amazing.

I bought the product because our son needed a booster chair for the car. I like the fact that it is very sturdy and it make me feel safe knowing that it is a well known brand for recognized for safety. My so likes that fact that it is comfortable and he can face forward and see everything while enjoying the ride. I just wish it had a space for his sippy cup. There is no comparison to other products this is the top of the line and no price is too much for my sons safety .

My son loves this car seat. He's almost 4 and weighs about 29 lbs. We had 2 Britax convertable car seats for him prior to this seat and we were looking at boosters from Britax and Graco. In the end I decided on this one and am so happy I did. The Britax Frontier 85 and the Graco Nautilus and Argo had great reviews but both had complaints. Britax was said to be uncomfortable, hard to install and issues with the material...Graco has a buckle issue. This seat has none of that. My son says he is so confortable in it and it is so sturdy. It was so easy to install and there are no buckle issues. Definitely recommend. A con could be that there aren't any cup holders. My son doesn't notice since his other seats didn't have cup holders.

The car seat is very nice, but I ordered the seat in late September 2012 and I received a seat that was manufactured in November of 2011. For some products this would not be a big deal, but for this product it was. First the car seat is only good for 6 years. This seat was almost a year old so 1/6 th off the life of the seat was used up. In 2011 the seat was made differently than in 2012. Most notably the strap length is longer in the 2012 seat. They did not have a newer seat in the color I was looking for. returned the seat and I bought the color I wanted from someplace else. The seat I ended up with works great. It is two months old and matches the other Recaro seat that I have for my younger son.

Had to replace our boulevard due to California law requiring occupied child carseats be replaced if in any type of accident. Have 2year who is average size and weight. The frontier we use for our 4year old would have been fine but since our 2yr old takes more naps in the car, wanted something with more head support and recline. Liked the reviews I read and bought the recaro. It's actually heavier than the frontier, but I know I can use it longer than I could have used the boulevard, without having to sacrifice all the side supports. The back cushioning on tge frontier felt a but more padded, but I think the extra side supports are more important. The seat belt adjuster is positioned closer to the child than on the frontier though. And there are no rubber positioners that help keep the buckles across the chest stay in place better. But we haven't had issues with this..yet.

We have a variety of car seats, and while I love the Recaro booster, I do not like this car seat. I don't like that I had to put a silly band on the chest piece to keep it from falling down. I don't like that the straps twist. And I don't like the way the latch strap connects to the seat and pushes into the child's back. I'm really disappointed and feel like I wasted a lot of money on this seat.

I LOVE IT!! i have one in both of my cars!! everything about the seat is great easy to install and stays in place! It is very heavy but i dont think that is a con!!

We have this booster for our 3 year old son. I researched for many hours when choosing a seat. I love this seat and my son does too. It is heavy, but it is safe; just the framework appears safer than the Britax. It is very easy to adjust and has some VERY nice features, like little holders on the back for quick lock adapters, it comes apart rather easy for cleaning and can be used for a rear-facing seat. It's narrow, as well whereas Britax seats are SOO wide. And the Blue Opal color is fun for a boy or a girl. Two things I wish were different or added features: 1. a cup holder and 2. that is converted into a backless booster seat for the next stage in safety. That would make it even more affordable.

We just switched my 20-month old son from a rear-facing Peg-Perego to this seat and he loves it. It's comfortable, made of good quality materials, safe and looks good in both our ML & IS. It's just a bit heavy and hard to move from car to car so we might end up getting another one.

I really like this seat and so does my 3 year old. We had to part with his Britax Marathon because he would not stop chewing on the hugs-rubbery pieces required on Britax carseats. This seat seems to offer better side protection and is also lighter weight and easier to carry than the marathon. The straps are very smooth adjusting. It fits great in my minivan but my only complaint is how difficult it is to install in my husbands Honda Fit. (a smaller car) It has a slighter wider base than the Britax and when you use the anchors the carseat pretty much covers them up so pulling the straps to snug it down was difficult. Otherwise I think the seat is great for the price.

Ok, so it IS heavy and bulky (which is something I've seen other parents complain about). But if my toyota corolla gets T-boned by a stupid escalade, then I WANT my little boy to be strapped into something that feels solid! This is the most solid car seat I have even seen, and I really do feel like my son is safer riding in the car now. And as a total bonus, he LOVES this seat and is super comfy in it:)

We bought this car seat to go in my husbands car as a third car seat and I now want to trade in my other two car seats for this one. It is the best car seat to buy for right after the newborn car seat, it goes from a toddler to the booster seat you need next. I love it and my boys love going in their dad's car now. It is easier to install than any car seat we have owned!

Love this car seat!! We got it when it first came out from a lady who bought it and "didn't like the color" so we got a SUPER deal. BTW the color in the picture is pretty accurate. But after using it and reading safety reviews, it's worth much more than [$]. In fact if we hadn't gotten it then I would be buying it now. It's rated 2x'x safer (your baby will feel half as much impact in a crash) than US standards. We have been using it for about 3 months now and I love it!! You can tell how safe it is when you pick it's HEAVY!! It's comfortable,stylish, and super safe! Makes me want to put Recaro Seats in the car for me! You can keep them in the harness until they are 90lbs!! Just remind them it's a race car seat and race car drivers wear harnesses! And it has a pocket to store the instructions so you won't loose them!! Handy for something we will be using for the next 11 years!! The only negative is that you can't remove the cover to wash it.

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