Thirteen Reasons Why

by Razorbill

Thirteen Reasons Why
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With an intriguing concept and gripping narration, Thirteen Reasons Why is hard to put down. I personally read it in one sitting, and I feel that this book has affected me in many ways.

Immediately before teenager Hannah Baker takes her own life, she sends audiotapes to 13 people, explaining the reasons for her suicide. This book, written for young adults, has a very fine premise with an engrossing narrative, and Asher knows how to build suspense. Most importantly, his character...

My goodness, I don’t even know where to begin with this novel, it's just… wow, I seriously don’t know how to, I’ll just start throwing things and see how it goes: The story follows Clay Jensen, one day, he receives a pack of mysterious tapes, old-school stuff, and he's anxious to listen to them, a...

Check out more of my reviews at ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***! Many people have already fallen in love with Thirteen Reasons Why and you could say that I agree with them. It wasn't an extremely emotional novel that I fell in love with like Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, but Thirteen Re...

So I think the reason I'm not into contemporary YA is because there is no fantastic element to engage my interest. No super-powers, no futuristic technology, just high school girls drowning in their social drama. After reading (or giving up on) Thirteen Reasons Why, I realized that because there i...

I read in the back of the book that Asher intended on making this a suspense novel, not necessarily one about suicide. That, it was. Personally, I loved the dual narration between Clay and Hannah. The reader is always hearing two sides to the story, which I found to be very unique. I will attempt...

A good story to remind all of us that even the littlest thing of our action does affect others, and could be the very reason that trigger the sequence of events that follows. Good read.

This book has been attracting buzz for a while, especially since the impending film version was announced. I am characteristically late to any sort of hyped material, but I think that serves me well; it allows me to approach the “best ever” anything with a healthy dose of cynicism. In this instan...

A friend got this for christmas and I casually paged through it. On the ride back home about 2 hours, I read it. and I could not put it down. I ended up buying my own copy of the book and I've Paid it forward and Borrowed the book out to my friends and family. I like the perspectives. it's not hard to follow and a very easy read, but there is always a deeper meaning to the story.

I originally read this book about a year ago in my school library, and once I had finished it, I wanted my own copy.

Borrowed this from a friend once to read because it intrigued me. Read it all in 2 days. My first thought was why would I read a book talking about a girl committing suicide? Obviously, it was so much more than just that. This is a must read book on my list.

great book...couldnt put it down...a bit confusing at first due to the way written...but it was thought provoking on many levels...

Adakah alasan yang membuat bunuh diri menjadi tindakan yang benar? Hannah menyalahkan tindakan bunuh dirinya pada ketigabelas alasan yang ia ceritakan dalam 7 buah kaset Masa SMA Hannah bisa dibilang berat. Tapi, hey.. Masa remaja siapa sih yang ga sulit? Remaja mana yang tidak kesulitan mencari jati...

Nicely debuted, Mr. Asher. I was a little worried that that book would lose steam, being that it was mostly tape deck narration, but Jay keeps the action hopping. Good man. Plus there were subway high schoolers checking the cover out as I read it. Always a good sign.

hands down one of my top 5 favorite books ive ever read!

It was cool, it has some graphic material in it but it is really twisted

This book is a difficult read, even for an adult, due not only to the subject matter but the writing style. It is all over the place and though initially quirky, later bothersome. You don't often know who's speaking, what perspective events are coming from. The language and grammar is infantile, so as an educator I'm surprised as to how popular it has become in schools. Twelve-year-old boys in locker rooms might have more intelligent conversation than the ones described here. Not only is suicide explored ambivalently, so is gender. You really don't have to observe a rape to know how disgusting it is, so the educational value of this book is quite suspect.

I bought this book because it interested me and I loved it. It is written so well, and teaches all of us to learn compassion for others and to think of the consequences that one little thing might mean to another. Excellent book for any age, especially those in middle and senior high schools.