Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, 6.77 Ounce

by Biore

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, 6.77 Ounce
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Great product, especially for people who have combination skin (oily/dry). I use it daily. Has a strong scent but leaves your skin feeling deeply cleaned and refreshed !

This has so much fragrance in it. I really wish companies would stop doing that. It's a pretty average face cleanser. I like the cooling effect. I'm not too happy about the ingredients though.

It's nothing to get excited about. It's just a regular cleanser and it gets the job done. It does feel cool on my face, but I didn't feel especially clean afterwards. My biggest beef with it is that it smells really "chemically". I wouldn't buy it again.

This stuff is great! I think in the shower it truly works the best. The self heating masks are super awesome as well. Considering buying again. There's honestly no other charcoal cleansers that I've seen out there!

Works really well I like the way my face feels clean and smooth after using

Was surprised that this wasn't gritty, since package states is exfoliating, this is great since my skin is a bit sensitive. Wasn't thrilled with the smell and it was weird putting a black gel on your face, but once applied it felt so good. It's a chilling sensation. Did not dry out skin. I got this as a sample, would defiantly consider purchasing.

Works very well. I had to try this because the charcoal seemed neat. Just a cleaner and not a scrub.

I love how this product feels on my skin! Removes all of my make up & leaves my skin feeling fresh

Wonderful! It does work very well and doesn't dry your face out while it removes ick from pores. Does not do any acne prevention because that's not really what it's for. Works really well in combination with mint julep mask or origins charcoal mask.

Love this as a cleanser but not good for blackheads, it doesn't really help much. But this definitely feels great on my skin and I use it every night before bed!

I just got this sample in a magazine!! So far so good. I don't know the price- obviously(mag sample). But next time I'm in the grocery store I'm most likely picking this up :)

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