LG Electronics Tone Ultra (HBS-800) Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Black

by LG

LG Electronics Tone Ultra (HBS-800) Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Black
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I love my pair of LG Bluetooth earbuds, they get loud and are clear. The Bluetooth paired to every phone I have owned, and they keep working from approximately 35 feet from the cellphones. I have had people tell me I am clearer sounding on the headset than on my phone. Love them.

Headset was all Id expected and then some . The range between the headset and device is good . And sound quality is excellent could stand to be a little louder. Last but not least battery life is very good can go 10 hrs straight playing music on one charge

My husband uses them all the time, he loves them. i would recommend these to anybody driving alot. also he uses them to listen to his music on his phone. just to let you know my husband is very rough with them but they held up great.

These headphones have been a great resource for me while jogging and working out. The convenience of it allows me to listen to music or make phone calls while checking emails, text messages or reading. GREAT PRODUCT

The Ultra's sound great and work perfect while linking to one device. Problems occur when linking to two devices. They do not consistently connect to my Primary device. Have to constantly turn off and on to get to pair and operate correctly. If just pairing to one device these will be fine.

I love the sound and the convenience of this headset. It around your next and easy to use with added buttons on the front.

Great design--really like the ear buds compared to those in typical Bluetooth headsets. Works better with Siri than any other headset I've owned and I've owned many. Would have given it 5 stars if it had stronger bass.

I absolutely love these earphones the sound quality is great and I love that they are bluetooth.

Very happy with the headset! Works great for phone calls, voice is very crisp and clear on the other end. The noise cancellation is good, but I have a set of Bose for flying, however for those who don't have a second pair of headsets these would work well. Purchased a Bluetooth transmitter off of eBay that I've connected other non-Bluetooth devices with (TV, old radio, CD player...etc.) to transmit the sound to the headset; pairing is a breeze. Purchased a second as a Christmas gift.

It's easy to use and sync. Very comfortable and doesn't tangle up.

No cords to get in the way, Makes for a decent set of headphones

So this has decent sound from the music side, but terrible voice mic. People on tnhe other end said it sounded as if I were in a tunnel.

Worked great for about 2 weeks and then it wouldn't charge. Going to take it back and try another one and hopes it works. But it has very clear sound and you don't get road noise when in the car.

Earphones were a good fit for my ears, but I had a difficult time getting them synced to my Samsung phone and health wristband. Overall a good product.

This Bluetooth Is Great For People Of All Ages. I Bought It For My Moms B Day And Then Went Back And Bought My Sister And Dad One. It's A Great Gift And Very Reasonable In Price!

This is the best Bluetooth headset that I've ever tried or bought. I've always had problems getting an earpiece that was of good quality and comfort, but that would stay in place. This tone ultra delivers all of theese things. I love the functionality of the around the neck fit and the snap back ear buds.This is a great Bluetooth.

The handset sync well with my android commands, a helpful asset when commuting.

Great for use with the phone, but not so good for audio. No bass at all.

This is my fourth and best Bluetooth. The sound is awesome and I like the extra features.

I'm a driver for work and I use my blue tooth not only for calls but to hear music too. It's very comfortable. I get no complaints about not able to hear me well. The noise cancelling feature is great! Worth getting

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