Bliss Glamour Gloves
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They worked much better than cotton gloves and I like that I can keep doing my housework while wearing them vs. being stuck in disposable gloves/mittens.

I'm willing to spend for things that actually work--these simply don't. The first time you use them, they do soften your hands. But in no way do they last 50 uses--the second use was not nearly as emollient as the first, and the next after was weaker still. By the fourth or fifth use I could discern almost no benefit at all. It's true you could add your own moisturizer and THEN put on the gloves, but why spend [$] on the gloves at that point? Cotton gloves would work just as well. Indeed, better: because of the thickness of the gel-like lining, the gloves do not fit neatly in the fingers, and so do not lay smoothly on the areas I needed them most (cuticles). A thin cotton glove has a much closer fit.These gloves are definitely a gimmick I'm sorry I fell for.

I look forward to putting on these gloves at the end of each day. Especially now that the weather is getting dry. They help with soothing and making my hands smooth.

I'm 53 and have very dry hands. I'm on my second pair (last a year for me). They cost a lot, but my hands do look younger after the treatment. Work much better than any lotion I've tried.

I have very dry hands and as of late have been getting those really pesky dry hand cuts at the corners of your fingers right up to the nail quick. They are painful especially when you try to pick up any thing or hit them by accident and it happens all the time.I use with the suggested hand cream they have and put on just before bedtime and take them off in the morning. I wash the gloves as suggested each week. It seems to be working and I have tried dozens of other products with no luck, This is the only product that seems to work for me and has been very helpful.