Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional

by Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional
97 Reviews

35th in Primers

enhances skin
improves complexion
good base
easy to apply
enhances face


Expert Pick Award


If you have pores on your nose and cheek area this is a must-have product! End of story! Even if you don't wear make up you can still use this by itself and it will make your skin look amazing. It just fills everything in like POOF!

It smells really good. While that's better than smelling bad I try to reach for unscented facial products. The texture is nice, and it feels good when applied to skin but I don't think it actually makes my makeup last any longer.

Did not get as lucky with this products as some girls. It just didn't work for me it made my skin peel wherever I put it. So I definitely returned it and got another one. But I do have to say, you should go check out the smash oboe primer for pores. It's much. Enter and it didn't make my skin peel.

I LOVE this product! I clean my face every morning and this is my go to product that is the very first step I start off my makeup ritual with. I apply it in several areas of my face then use a clean sponge applicator to blend it in and it just feels like silk going on my skin and I can literally watch my face transform right before my eyes. This product does Exactly what it says it will do and I wouldn't ever have to think twice about repurchasing as its a complete part of my life and my everyday makeup process. I know it can seem a little pricy but you should know that if blended correctly that a little goes a long way so the price is worth every single penny paid. In my own opinion this stuff is worth it's weight in gold. 5 stars for an awesome product that I don't know how we ever lived without before.

Love this primer. It's easy to apply. Kind of expensive but worth it. I have super oily skin and this makes my makeup last longer than using makeup without the primer

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