The Giver
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Ah, The Giver! A one-of-a-kind novel. This first novel in a series can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading on; because the characters you meet in this great novel appear in later sequels.

This really is a great book. Any 5th grade and up teacher should recommend their students reading it. The story is really weird but understandable and it makes you think about what is going on. Some things may be harder for younger readers to grasp but if you reread it when you are older there are a lot more things that stand out and just make you want to scream at the characters.

This book is fabulous. I read it as a kid and have passed it on to my girls. There's a reason it's a Newberry book. Definitely a classic. A bit of a tough read and you have to dig a little.

Oh this book. I have read it numerous times. For school purposes and just for fun. The older you are ( or more advanced a reader) the more this book tends to reveal in. It's subtext. Every time I read through it I find something new. Now that's what you want in a book.

Wonderful book. I'm looking foward to reading this to my kids. I read it as a child an it's the only book I read as a child that I'm going to read again. It's more for 12 years and up. Takes a little understanding of what the life could be like during the time talked about in book. Young children might not get the moral of the story. It's also a scary thought of having no freedom of choice in life.

A great book, (Newbery quality) and very well written. One part did creep me out though and made a lot of people cry was when Johnas's "dad" has to kill the baby. Other than that, perf

Well written, the ending killed me though!! It brings up many questions about utopian/dystopian societies and values of such places. Geared toward young teens but could be appreciated by all ages.

I assigned this book to my middle school students. So far, about half have written saying they love it and half (the ones who just can't seem to enjoy reading no matter the story) responded with a grunt. Personally, I love it. I wish I had read it when I was their age. The story revolves around a...

This is hands down my favorite book of all time. This is the one book that I remember reading in grammar school to change my life forever. This book made me a reader and English teacher, hands down. Before reading this novel I had already been an avid reader. I was voracious for children's novels...

Fun little book. The concept used here, of demonstrating what the world would be like if we could realistically approach some kind of utopic static existence, has certainly been utilized before, such as in the Dune sci-fi series in God Emperor of Dune. It also kind of reminded me of the movie Th...

Love this book. a great YAL (Young Adult Lit.) I am using it for a critical theory class and I have to read it through the eyes of a feminist, marxist, homosexual, and other different views. GREAT READ. Only lie 180 pages. I got the audio so when listening I can think about the different views and do not have to think about the words.

tapes and outter box were in worse shape than described. I needed if for teaching materials in class

This is an amazing book! It teaches a great lesson and it opens your view of the world. It wasn't expensive at all on amazon. I would recommend this book to both adults, teens, and young teens

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