Neutrogena Deep Clean Long Last Shine Control Cleanser & Mask

by Neutrogena Cosmetics

Neutrogena Deep Clean Long Last Shine Control Cleanser & Mask
66 Reviews

44th in Acne

washes well
enhances face
improves dryness
clears skin
for sensitive skin
clean skin
improves complexion


3.5 stars. I swear by neutrogena every thing this is ok nothing super about it and I could swear it's the same EXACT thing as the smaller bottle of "Daily" use

I love this product

This face mask and cleanser works really well. It was not too expensive and it makes your face feel really smooth. I would buy this product again because you only have to keep the mask on for 3 minutes.

I think the "Deep Clean" products from this brand is one of the bests! My skin feels extremely clean afterwards and it does do great things for my complexion! I can't say it made a huge improvement for my oily skin as a whole but it definitely got into my pores which I love

I really enjoyed this cleanser, love how it makes my skin feels, very effective. Not a harsh smell. Skin look clean and smooth. This line is a good product. Try it.

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I have oily skin, so this mask works great! It is so refreshing to use after a shower. It has mint extracts, so it smells good. It comes in a huge bottle, and you only have to use a tiny bit. It does not reduce acne, but it cleans the surface of the skin well.

I love the tingle this product gives my face and that it keeps the oiliness under control.

This can be used as a weekly mask and a daily cleanser. Effective, saves money,space and time (Always a PLUS)It doesn't leave my skin dry and tight but refreshed and no residue feeling like some masks.

I use it almost every morning, and can tell a huge difference when I don't! Also works great as a mask! Just wish it smelled a little better!!!

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