e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Mascara, Black

by E.l.f.

e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Mascara, Black
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brush quality
better lashes


Best mascara I've tried that doesn't break me out This mascara isn't as long lasting as most I've had in the past but it's what you pay for so I'd recommend this to anybody with sensitive skin

not all that great. it goes on clumpy and doesn't dry quickly. as soon as I blink, it's on my face. I will not buy this again.

I do not like this product at all. It's really cheap and I see why. I would definitely spend more money to buy a better mascara. It clumps very easily. Just not a fan of it.

This mascara is easy to use,defines the lashes and ,being mineral infused, is even better for your lashes than most others.The price of 3.00 is a real bargain;the only negative i have is that this mascara is not available in the Walgreen's stores.However,E.L.F. is available at other outlets.(are you listening Walgreen's?)

This product flakes a lot, and does not amplify my lashes at all

I have bought many, many brands of mascara over the years and this is one of the best. Beautiful and budget friendly! It looks very natural and gives great length without the clumpy spider lash. Even at the end of the day it still looks great and doesn't flake.The only con would be that it runs at the slightest bit of water. I do wish this came in a black-brown for us fair skinned people.

Easy to use and apply. Very good price!

I bought this mascara based on the great reviews...and I am glad I did! I have used many different kinds of mascara, both expensive & cheap, and there were always issues. Most I tried clumped, even though the ad said they wouldn't. Some were too 'runny' and I would end up with black marks under my eyes and over my eyes, most flaked and irritated my eyes, and others were so sticky it was toughtoremove without losing your eyelash! I love my new ELF mascara!

My search is finally over for a great drugstore mascara. I found a great bargain and a great mascara! It doesn't smudge, and it makes my lashes extremely long with one coat only. The brush makes it so easy to apply mascara in the corners of your eyes, which makes your eye lashes seem extra long. My DH said my eyes looked so beautiful and awake. He actually noticed ~ he also asked me what I did different today. An added bonus is that I did not have to brush or comb out any clumps, after I apply this mascara. Additionally, there is absolutely no fall-off or flaking. I wore this for 8 hours in the Southern CA desert heat, and it held up well with no smudging, or flaking. It's easy to remove with an oil-free eye makeup remover pad.

This mascara was ok, for $3 it's definitely not bad, I liked the brush, but the tube dried out pretty quickly and it didn't do much for my lashes.

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