Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Backpack Tote - BPA Free

by Ameda

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Backpack Tote - BPA Free
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easy to clean


comes with good manual and is very pretty precise with the instructions that you have been given in the booklet that comes with the product.I think it is worth the price definitely

I used a hospital grade breast pump while my duaghter was in the NICU. Once we came home I used the Ameda Breast pump and found it to be better quality than the hospital grade breast pump. It is faster, quieter, and I get more milk expressed with the Ameda versus the hospital breastpump. The accessories that came with the breast pump are great. I have used the car adaptor many times-it makes it easy to pump on those long drives. The only downfall is that the markings on the bottles wear off overtime so you can not tell how much is in them. This is not that big of a deal as I use different bottles for feeding.

Loved this from the start. Bought this pump 5 years ago and used 3 times a day 5 days a week for 1 year. A co-worker had a Medela at the same time and was shocked at what I paid because at the time it was half of Medela price. She said she wished she bought this one instead! Am nursing my 6 month old daughter and working full time and have access to a hospital grade Medela at work but still have used this pump at home on weekends and still works like new! Also the tubing hooks to the Medela at work so I didn't have to buy extra!

I have used this pump for 18 months. It is a great pump. Easy to travel with to and from work. The additional accessories that come with the backpack are a great value. I loved the additional bottles and the car adaptor. I passed along the pump and bottles to my friend, she purchased new lines etc and used the pump for both of her newborns. The pump last and the company is great to work with.

I returned to work and i was shocked that this pumped really worked well for me. it is small in size so i wasn't sure that the suction would be good because i already had a hospital grade pump. I was quite pleased with it. Plus i love you have the bag for easy discreet transport while im at work. Great Product!

I have used this pump through two children and will most likely use it for a third. It has not lost any suction in 3 years and still works great. My husband finds it to be loud when I pump but it does not bother me. I love that it comes with a car adapter so you can even pump in the backseat during road trips. It is a great pump! The only con is replacement parts are a bit pricey so do not toss them after your first child if you are planning for more.

I do like this pump. I work full time and have been using it for about 4 months. The unit is small and works well. The tubing is always clean which is the main reason why I bought it. The bottles are a good size and fits well into the unit to prevent spilling. The things I don't like about it are:-the caps are made out of 2 pieces (to convert into a bottle) instead of just one. It's just something extra to clean and put together. -the silicone diaphragms and the valves are easy to loose (I lost the silicone once then found it 2 days later). -The design of the backpack. The zipper on the bottom stores the main pump and the power adapter but the rest goes in the inside- I have 30 minutes to eat and pump so I just end up putting it all in the main bag in the end. -The CUSTOM BREAST FLANGES WITH INSERTS- If you happen to need a bigger flange, the next size up is inserted inside a larger one (see [@] which in my opinion takes more time to clean and slides off easily when you're done pumping.

I have used my Purely Yours pump for 7 months now, and it has been great. I have been pumping exclusively, because my baby never got the hang of latching on. I still really wanted to give him breastmilk though, and this pump has made that possible for me. I have been able to pump enough milk to feed my son fresh everyday, and have a freezer full of extra milk stored up for when I quit pumping. Lately, my pump has been acting up and not have the greatest suction all of the time. Since I have used this pump so much, I guess I'm not surprised that I may have worn it out a bit. I called Ameda, and they are sending me a replacement pump [...]. The customer service rep was so nice and helpful. I am very impressed with how easy it was, and I would reccommend this pump to anyone. THe pump is great, and the customer service of the company is excellent. It's nice to not have to deal with a run-around.

Light weight, quiet, works well.

This is an excellent pump. My wife did not use it much the first couple of months because she was lucky to be at home and feed on demand. However, now that she has gone back to her to 9 to 5 she uses it daily. Our baby is almost 10 months old and this pump is still going strong. On a side note ALL BREAST PUMPS will make some noise. This does make noise but nothing overbearing. Overall Excellent product.

I'm using this to save milk for use after I go back to work and to pump while I'm at work and missing feedings. This is very comfortable and easy to use and I love that it comes with bottles and a cooler pack that all can be carried in the backpack provided. You could even pump in your car if needed--it has a plug to do that also. It works quickly and effectively.

Great pump, but be careful buying from, they sent me three OPENED/UNSEALED pump boxes. All pumps have a hygiene seal, that states once it is broken, it cannot be returned, it also means that you cannot be 100% certain it is a new and sanitary pump. They sent me three separate pumps with boxes that had been opened, seal broken and at least one USED pump. Watch out!

I bought the Ameda pump to use at work when I started my new job. After a 4 hours I might get 4 ounces from both breasts in about 15 minutes of pumping. I accepted that for a while thinking it was probably pretty normal. But after a while decided to bring my Medela pump to use at work and took the Ameda home for night and morning pumping. I was amazed by the difference since I was under the impression that the two pumps were at the same efficiency. I was wrong, after 4 hours the Medela pump consistently pumps 6-7 ounces of milk. The Medela pump is a better buy even though its more expensive. I get frustrated now using the Ameda bc I know that the Medela will do a much better, efficient job of extracting milk.