Britax Boulevard Click & Safe Convertible Car Seat - Lauren

by Britax

Britax Boulevard Click & Safe Convertible Car Seat - Lauren
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This is a good product and i would rate child felt very comfortable sittings in the chat also it is a girls abdullah abdzy has got a great youtube chance so go and subscribe.

I was in a car accident yesterday - and thank God my daughter was in this car seat. We hit a semi truck and although our pick up truck was totaled, the car seat kept my baby safe! We have 2 of these car seats and I'm glad I spent the money for the unknowns in life. I will be buying her another one. Thanks Britax!!!!!

The boulevard is a great seat. On the expensive side but totally worth it. Top rated seat. Has the latch system and easy to adjust harness. Top of the line carseat cover.

I love everything about this car seat. Everyone knows Britax is best for safety. My older daughter had a Britax and so naturally we got our younger baby the same brand. I can see in the past 4 years how Britax has gotten even better. This seat is gorgeous, the fabric could not be any softer, the seat is well padded, and the side "wings" make me feel like there's a little extra insurance. It is a little bigger than most car seats, but its more protection around your child. The seat is nice and solid and does not move, and the click and safe feature is fantastic- no more guessing on if the harness is tight enough. (Most people have it way too loose, and this clicks to tell you when it is tight enough to protect your baby.) My daughter is 18 months and very comfortable in this car seat since the day we got it when she was about 6 months old. I understand what another person wrote about the buckle strap (between the legs) being a little further back than usual, and I agree it would be roomier if it were a little further up- but still my 18 month old is in it still with no complaints. Also worth mentioning- it is very easy to adjust the shoulder staps for height as she grows. The headrest and shoulder straps rise with the turn of a knob- no more of that nonsense of taking the cover off, removing the whole car seat and re looping the straps, and trying to put it all back together again. Easy enough install despite the size of the seat. I would not put my little girl in any other car seat. You can't put a price on their lives, and it is well worth the money!!

I just had an car accident last week. My car was turned 180 degree. Thanks God, my 16 month-old baby was very fine. She cried so bad because of being panic-stricken however she was back to be happy and running around. I got a neck and shoulder hurted and a lot of bruises on my legs. Britax is the number one for your baby's safety.

Very cute and great for rear facing and forward facing! Every child needs a Britax!

Great car seat, easy to install & adjust. Definitely exceeded my expectations!

I have the gray colored one for my son who is 16 months. We bought that one when he was 5 or 6 months old when I read about the safety concerns on carriers. I immediatly started doing research and asking around and purchased it. I was shocked as to how big it was, but after installing it and realizing how much safer my son was and how it didn't move an inch I was happy. We bought it right before transferring from South Carolina to San Diego so I wanted a VERY reliable carseat. Well I love it so much we are buying this one for our little girl that is due in December... there are two things I am passionate about for my childrens wellbeing. My Britax carseats and breastfeeding :) Goodluck to all and god bless :)Oh and YES it is worth the money, don't skimp on your childrens safety the swing and other cute things can go, but not safety. Oh and PLEASE proberly seat belt your children in I can't tell you how many children I see improperly belted and how many children die a year as a result of poor belting, they may not like it but it is a matter of saving their life.

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