Aberdeen Farms Hardwood Smoked Sliced Bacon vs. 20 Other Products

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Yummy, salty, best when put in the oven!

These breakfast sandwiches are pretty good for being frozen. They are pretty expensive and you can sometimes find a coupon in the paper. They are good for taking on the go.

G-O-O-D! I am a huge fan of bacon so any review of mine about it will be in favor of! It's just an amazing piece of work :) It's so tasty and full of flavor. I could use some right now...

I love how they call is Sunday bacon! It does definitely reminds me of sunday morning when you wake to the smell of cooked bacon. Any bacon is good by me but this is great stuff.

We make homemade pizza on the Pizza Pizzaz a couple times a month. The kids love pepperoni but I hate the fat and sodium. These turkey pepperoni taste great and make all of us happy.

I love these. They taste amazing in the grill and don't need anything added to them. We are familiar with all the styles of Brat from growing up overseas but these come very close.

All natural, gluten-free, nitrate free, and no added hormones. A one link serving has 12g fat, 190 cal, 27% sodium, 23% cholesterol, 9g sugar, and 10g protein. Tastes awesome in pasta!

Although I love bacon, I can live with this. I actually prefer my turkey bacon gooey and not crispy! It's really good but I think it has a lot of sodium so of course it must be eaten in moderation (like anything else!)