Angell Organic Candy Bar, White Chocolate vs. 20 Other Products

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Wow! Okay, I admit, I was really surprised that I liked this bar! I normally really don't like white chocolate and I have a slight aversion (from over exposure) to coconut, but this was really, really good! I don't know what they did or how they did it, but I am just annoyed that they don't sell them anywhere near me!

I'd be all into this candy bar except for the almonds. I'm just not an almond guy and I don't love it when they end up in my candy bars. The smooth Symphony bar is better.

Such a delightful combination! This is a great snack to treat a sweet tooth and it is huge. This bar should not be eaten in one sitting but that doesn't mean it won't be!

This is one of my all time favorite candy bars. It had chocolate almonds and toffee. The chocolate is milky and soft like silky perfectness on your mouth. The fact that it is long size for about a dollar is a plus. I can find at Dillion's or Walmart.

Best chocolate and peanut butter combo ever. One of my favorites.

Reese's are great. I like them slightly melted...omg...delish! Haven't had them in a while but they never disappoint! I love chocolate so it's no wonder that I'd love these babies.

I would have gone five stars on this, but they eliminated the light brown ones, which really completed the flavor profile of the bag. Still, they don't melt, so that's nice.

Peanut, 42 oz

4th in Candy Bars


not messy , tastes great

These are okay. But they don't compare to the wonderful Peanut Butter M&Ms which are just the best.

No candy bar in the world can compete with the Cookies and Cream bar.

Cookies and cream candy bar is actually the best. You can't go wrong with cookies and cream.

For some reason, I would never go to the candy aisle and pick a 100 Grand bar as my choice of chocolate. In reality, this candy bar packs everything you could actually want in a candy bar.

These are one of my favorite candy bars. They're very good and are perfect for a quick snack. They have a great flavor. I usually get an 8 pack of theses at the dollar tree and let that last me about a week. They're perfect for quick snacks on the go.

I happen to really like these! They taste good semi melted or cold. The crunchy little krispies are nice and add to the chocolate...forget a hundred grand, they taste like a million bucks!

Kit Kat King Size

7th in Candy Bars


Who doesn't like a KitKat! One of the best go to chocolate bars and it's always on sale somewhere! I should know considering I buy at least two a week!

Give me a break! Chocolate? Good. Wafer? Good. Sticks for sharing? Good.

This really isn't a great candy bar.

This is not a very popular candy bar. You can't ind it every where. I bought this at a gas station. It is very full of peanut butter which I love. I would eat it every day. It is very rich!

This candy has been living off its nostalgia for too long. The concept is kind of gross, too. I'm gonna pass next time.

Butterfinger Single Candy Bar

10th in Candy Bars


I don't get the fanfare for Butterfingers. It lacks flavor and the texture is poor.

This is high quality collaboration right here. It represents the perfect combination of a delicious candy bar paired with the greatest chocolate mint of all time. You won't regret taking a bite of this candy bar.

Kit Kat Bar

12th in Candy Bars


Four for me, none for you.

For me its too much chocolate, i like chocolate bars that have something else with it,like almonds, caramel, rice puffs etc. i know this has rice puffs but i feel its not balanced. Too much chocolate for the amount of rice puffs. Its just a personal thing, too much of the same thing makes me meh...

Almonds. Not in this house!

Sooo delicious if you like coconut and chocolate!

Nestlé crunch is a great candy bar. It's never been too pricey and it's always been a tasty product. A bag of these candy bars is great for parties or road trips with kids.

Love Reese's Pieces. You get the flavor of the original Reese's without the same messy chocolate cupcake offered up.