Dapple Refill Pack: Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid

by Dapple

Dapple Refill Pack: Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid
37 Reviews

4th in dish detergent

easy to pump


I wish more stores carried this soap and the refill. It really is the way to go when washing baby bottles and anything baby related. At first I wasn't convinced that it was something I needed to have in my kitchen, but a good friend told me that I needed to try it and after seeing the film wash off and stay off my bottles I was hooked! The refill is wonderful to buy to recycle that original dapple pump bottle!

The refill is so quick, easy, and environmentally friendly. When I can't get the rest out of the pack, I just add water, shake it and you've still got extra soap inside. I love that none gets wasted.

I've tried lots of different liquid soaps that are green and safe for my family. I love the lightness of this soap, the smell and especially how well it cleans my baby's bottles and breast pump parts.

Dapple is far superior to regular dish soap for cleaning bottles, toys, and anything for infants/toddlers. It cleans away milk residue perfectly and does not use any chemicals.

I've been using Dapple dish liquid for the past 2 years and I would not exchange it for anything else. It's rely effective and safe for the whole family. I love it!

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