Downy Vanilla & Lavender Scent Fabric Softener Sheets Simple Pleasures

by Downy

Downy Vanilla & Lavender Scent Fabric Softener Sheets Simple Pleasures
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33rd in Fabric Softener

good for clothes


I looove this scent. I'm a Downey girl through and through and normally use the liquid but my new washer doesn't have the port. It's usually on sale so it's reasonably priced plus I throw a few in my suitcase and pockets so all my clothes smell fresh and clean when traveling.

I love Downey dryer sheets because they smell the best. They also leave my clothes feeling so soft without that oily residue that sometimes feels like it's all over your skin once you use a certain kind of brand. I have been in.a family that is strictly Downey since I can recall and I have made sure that my son has grown up using the same.

Geez these smell delicious! I cannot say that I enjoy the scents that are in these fabric sheets today because I think laundry should smell clean and nothing like apples, citrus, breeze, lemons and so on. I did have a friend that purchased these though and he smelled good for the the first hour. Then the smell started really getting to me and giving me a huge headache. Personally I am all about the fresh scent of just the regular good ole Dawn fabric sheets with no additional scents or perfumes added.

ok tissue. a bit thin my snot blows right through it. and my nose is really raw now

Looooove the lavender smell of these dryer sheets. They soften clothes without overpowering the smell on the clothes. It compares well to snuggle lavender dryer sheets just more experienced. Great product.

These work at keeping your clothes static free, I just like my clothes smelling clean and not like they already have perfume. Go for the fresh linen smell! It's a good product though.

I love anything lavender!

Sometimes my whole block smells like downy. . People really abuse them. I do enjoy the scents, nothing more pleasant, but...I cant smell like downy and my perfume. That calls for a migraine.

I have never used this but we ant keep it on the shelf at the store I work at so it must be good. I'm gonna try it if I ever catch it in stock.


I think it's very soft and soothing unlike this one other tissues it dose not hurt your nose it's nice and soft I can just go on and on about it this tissue I mean it's very soft and feels like silk and it dose not make my nose red

Great smell

These smell amazing and work so well! I love the vanilla lavender and will use this every time I dry clothes. This helps keep your clothes static free, smell great and stay soft!

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