Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Reservoirs Replacement - 2 Pack

by Dr. Brown's

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Reservoirs Replacement - 2 Pack
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has cut down on spitting up! it works great. This is the only bottle system that my granddaughter will drink out of.

My 8 month old son has used these bottles since birth and has had no problem with gas. I love that you can purchase all the pieces separately. I have lost a few vent resevoirs in the dish washer!! It is very convenient.

We have been using the Dr Brown's bottles since our baby was born. The vent system in these bottles just makes sense. Your baby doesn't get extra gas from the liquid, and the bottle nipples doesn't collapse from the suction. A little more attention is needed for cleaning the vent and reservoir, but it is well worth the time and effort. We would definetly recommend the Dr Brown's bottle system for any baby.

Easy to clean and required when using Dr. Browns Bottles. had to buy xtra because they melted when boiling the vent reservoirs. My fault not product.

I have become a huge fan of all Dr. Brown products. It was the first bottle I bought and I really like it. I have also purchased Dr. Brown's sippy cup which my daughter and I both love. I highly recommend these products.

Dr. Brown's bottles with the vent system are the greatest! I began using them when my son was 2 weeks old as he had terrible gas from other bottles we were using. Since then we haven't had a problem. I highly recommend these bottles and it's not much more work to clean the 2 extra parts and is so worth it!

I love how this helps to minimize the spit ups that come along with new babies. In fact, we have not had ANY problems with this and I have to say its the bottles. They do take a little more time to clean which is really the only down side but when you are not having to change cloths constantly because spit up or even worse I think its all worth it.

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