Dr. Robin for Kids Soothing Children's Daily Moisture Cream - 6 oz

by Dr. Robin for Kids

Dr. Robin for Kids Soothing Children's Daily Moisture Cream - 6 oz
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for sensitive skin


I needed a sunscreen for my 3 month old when we were going away and found this. It worked great for her sensitive skin. I wanted to make sure I used an all natural, chemical free sunscreen. I did a small test first and she didn't have any reaction, so we were good to go. The bottle has lasted me a while too. Still using it almost a year later. I also use california baby stick for her face and ears.

We love all of Dr. Robin's products. We have been using them for almost two years on our daughter who is about to turn 4. She has pretty dry skin (especially in the winter) and this seems to do the trick! I love that it was created by a children's dermatologist and that the ingredients are not chemically harmful

I use Dr. Robin's sunscreen on my very fair daughter and it works wonderfully. We even recommended it to a friend who has had issues with sunscreens for her child and she had no problems at all with his sensitive skin. Try it -- you will love it.

I love this product! It truly makes my LO hair shinier , her skin softer AND is so gentle! I used to use the Johnson's, but after falling in love with the Dr Robin's Sunscreen I decided to give it a try on the Soothing Body Wash and Shampoo. I like to use good quality products for my baby (and myself…) but sometimes is hard to justify the price difference. Not this one though, you definitely tell the deference from the first use.

Let me start by saying that I am not the kind of person who writes reviews, but I am so in love with this Sunscreen that I must share " this secret" with the other mommies out there! I live in So Cal, and we are always at the beach. Once I find out I was pregnant, many of our friends gifted us sunscreens, and ever since my baby was born, I have tried them all, and this is by far the best. I was at a resort couple weeks ago, and of course among of the billion things I packed for my baby, I actually forgot to bring her sunscreen, so I went to their gift shop and found Dr. Robin's. It caught my attention because it doesn't have all the "junk" many of the other sunscreens carries, so I decided to purchase. It is awesome, trust me on this one. My baby girl has really fair skin and even though we spent all day at the pool, she was totally fine (I reapplied, of course). Her skin felt so soft and hydrated afterwards too. Once I got back, I brought it to her pediatrician asking for his take on it, and he said that is as good as a Sunscreen gets. ( he is very against anything over SPF 30, and very conscious of the active ingredients). I am so glad I can actually now find this product at Diapers.com -I though I could only find at really expensive boutique stores. I notice they have couple other products from Dr Robin . I ordered those and I hope I will love just as much!

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