eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere, Sweet Mint

by Eos

eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere, Sweet Mint
433 Reviews

173rd in Lip Balm

improves dryness
chapped lips


Love it

I love this lip balm! It's soft and it stays on better than most do!!

This lip balm is good. It made my lips feel better from being dry. It is very gentle on my lips. It goes on very smoothly too. It's better than some lip balms I have tried.

It's not the best EOS lip balm (I prefer the swirled ones personally) but it's still a nice flavor/scent, it's pretty gentle on your lips, but if you have very dry lips like I do, you are gonna have to apply it often.

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Love this stuff it feels great on ur lips... the mint is wonderful

I love this product! Fantastic packaging. Easy to find in my purse. Plus, my grandkids love it too! Very soft and long lasting.

Was so moisturizing, and the smell was wonderful. The packaging is so adorable I definitely recommend to anyone needing or wanting a new chapstick.

Overrated. Blistex is better

Love these

great flavor. the size helps from getting lost!

Very smooth and creamy. Soothing on chap lips. Very satisfied

This has become one of my favorite EOS scents, surprisingly enough. I'm not normally a mint lip balm fan, but sweet mint makes me feel like I popped a breath mint and I get comments about the scent when I apply it, which cracks me up. EOS isn't the absolute best balm, but it does the job nicely and isn't too expensive. I prefer the tubed version.

Love it

Love this one! Scent gets kind of bad after a while but overall, great product. Not harsh at all, love that its natural and that i can just through it in my bag. Cant compare it to any other product because its above all the others!

these are great lip balm products I bought a variety pack at Costco and swap flavors, they last a long time

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