Gerber Graduates Strawberry Apple Puffs

by Gerber

Gerber Graduates Strawberry Apple Puffs
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My daughter LOVES these! Such an easy, quick snack with hardly any mess. And a quick clean up if there IS a mess. Tastes just about the same as the more expensive brand of puff snacks.

Children just love these. These have a good taste and are great for the little ones learning to self-feed, these puffed grains contain real fruit and melts in mouth. Lastly, it's the perfect snack for little fingers. I definitely recommend this product

I work at a weekday education program with mobile babies and they all absolutely love this product! It makes life so much easier when only one needs to be fed baby food but the rest want snack. Just put some of these on their tray and they are happy.

Yummy finger food snack that melts easily in the mouth. (Not a choking hazard like Cheerios are) All the lil ones I watch love them! I'd recommend them to anyone with kids. They're great for on the road snacks as well.

Kids love these. My kids eat these all the time. Cheap and affordable. Melt away in your mouth. I don't fear my kids are going to choke or not get nutrients because with this they get plenty. My grand father even ate these. So it's perfect form of nutrition and my kids chose these over chips as a snack which I love! My two year old can't get enough!

Wonderful travel sized snacks that don't need to be refrigerated or warmed up to eat. Not only do babies love them but I eat them too sometimes. Highly recommend for small trips, strawberry apple my son loves.

Can I confess something? I found these in a random aisle at the store and I decided to try these out.... I didn't know they were for babies! But they're delicious!!! Man I wish I had kids so I had a reason to buy these again

My grandchildren love these great little snacks that are easy for them swallow and pick up themselves. What's not to love about a product like this?

My baby loves this flavor of puffs. They are super cheap and convenient for on the go snacking. Pros: cheap, easy to eat, easily dissolvable and sleek packaging....Cons: sticky and mushy if they end up somewhere other than the baby's mouth. Also, use after a few days of opening otherwise they get stale and yucky.

My son absolutely loves these cereal puffs. They're inexpensive to purchase and under 2 bucks. It easily dissolves once its in my sons mouth. I've personally tried them myself and it tastes pretty good. I've also tried 2 other flavors (blueberry, banana, & peach) which I thought were good and tasty as well. They're low in calories and the best snack to take with you when you're out in about. Keeps my son busy especially when we go out to eat. I will most definitely will be purchasing more of this cereal puff snack for my son. I highly recommend this cereal puff snack to any parent.

My niece and nephew love these! They have a great shape that allows them to work in the pincher grasp and they melt in their mouth which alleviates some choking concerns. They are a little pricy but seem to be worth it.

Dont laugh at me, but these are so good. I tried them when i was babysitting my little cousin and i just decided to try them and i loved them! I like the banana flavor the best. Tey are such a good snack for babys, and for adults. Lol

Very easy to swallow and tasty. My baby enjoys these they are easy to pick up and feed himself. I don't have to worry about my baby choking the melt right away. They are very inexpensive I complete recommend these for baby's and toddlers.

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