Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints

by Girl Scouts of America

Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints
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These cookies are the best ever. You can't eat just one either. They are so good and taste even better if you have them in the freezer! My sister puts them in her ice cream.

One of my favorites. They freeze good for later in the year too.

I love girls scouts cookies

Not my favorite Girl Scout cookie, but still has a great mint flavor and a great crunch. These are perfect after a meal as a dessert.

Yummy! You can't go wrong with mint and chocolate. I personally prefer Samoas over the Thin Mints, but these are still delicious and buying them supports a good organization.

Can I give these more stars? Are there even enough stars for thin mints?? These are the best Girl Scout cookies ever, we get them every single year. If you've never tried then then order some this year, you won't regret it.

My second favorite Girl Scout cookie after the Samoas. Thin Mints are an addictive thing. Whole boxes disappear quickly. A glass of milk and a box of these cookies is absolutely decadent.

I love these cookies! They are so delicious. I have to get them whenever they are out. I love the texture, taste, smell and everything about it. They are yummmerz!

Girl Scout cookies are so freaking good! It is really a good thing that they only sell them once a year or I would be much poorer and fatter!! This is my favorite cookie they sell. I could/have eaten a whole sleeve in one sitting and would/will probably do it again! I just love mint and chocolate together. I recommend these to anyone who has not tried them, your life will be changed!

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