Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Shampoo

by Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Shampoo
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One of my favorite shampoos! It smells amazing (without being overpowering), and doesn't damage your hair. It also worked pretty well with colored hair. The price is very reasonable, considering how good it works. I will continue to buy this for a very long time.


Im so happy about this product, it smells delicious, i can say i'm satisfied totally. strawberries and love. i couldn't be more satisfied i'm sorry girl thats my opinion.

First I'd have say I use a tiny bit of shampoo.. Like the size of a dime and I do this maybe a few times a week. (I can see people's faces now ha! I shower daily so shush ;)Shampoo is a detergent and is BAD in general. I love the smell of this shampoo..Especially the rose hips scent.Thank you for bringing it back! Hadn't seen this since high school. I found it works without stripping even using it in small amounts. I like it

I love the smell of this shampoo. For the price, it has good product

I was thrilled to see this on the shelf since I recall loving it in high school. Sadly I just don't love it. It smells amazing just like it used to but I feel like it left my hair feeling dry and rough, not at all what I was expecting from the "smooth collection". I won't buy this again.

This shampoo smells AMAZING! Every time I use this shampoo, I always get compliments on what kind of shampoo I use. The shampoo contains vitamin E and jojoba extracts where are good for making your hair irresistibly smooth and strong.

I always go back to this shampoo only to be able to smell it agian. Smells amazing. Leaves hair so fresh & soft. Recommend this brand most of their products smell good.

Love this shampoo and conditioner! It smells great and makes my hair super soft and smell very good!! I'm so happy I started using this this because it's worth every penny!

I just recently started using this product after. I am in love with the smell but i just wish the scent lasted longer throughout the day. It lathers pretty well but I love the fact that it is silicone free!

Best smelling shampoo ever! I'm so happy they brought this back! Obviously I love the smell! It's also a really good basic shampoo. I would totally recommend this mostly because it smells AWESOME!

They still make this stuff? That's what I thought when I saw it here and I'm so pleased. The new Herbal Essences smell great and all but nothing beats the classic scent the '90s version of their shampoo and conditioner. It's not just the scent that's great though, it does a good job cleansing and not over-drying my hair. Definitely a classic.

I used this shampoo back in the late 90's and loved it. Then they stopped selling it and I was peeved. I have been looking for a new "favorite" shampoo ever since. I flopped back and forth between expensive and cheap shampoos. I tried all the other newer Herbal E. products and never cared for them much. Last week I found myself doing a happy dance in the store aisle when my eyes fell on this product being back on the shelves. I literally sang and danced to the amusement of other shoppers and my husband calling me a freak and rolling his eyes. Finding this shampoo again made my week! I immediately stocked up on it and placed an order for more on this site. Then just yesterday my husband says: "Your hair does look a lot better." Thank you! It's a lot shinier, smoother and "feels lighter". I love the rose-hip smell. The best part however is the quality you get for the price.

I am so happy that Herbal Essences brought back one of there original smells. It takes me back to high school! This scent smells so good and the smell lasts all day. You only need to use a little bit and it makes my hair so soft. If you want compliments on how good you smell I would defiantly recommend this shampoo!!

This is such a great pairing with the conditioner! It cleanses gently but still gets build up out of my hair. I will definitely be repurchasing! It really helped with my frizz, especially in the humidity!

I am so happy they brought this back. It got discontinued a few years ago and I found it in a discount store after that and bought all 12 bottles. I had only ran out for a year or so before it came back!

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I used to use this when I was a little girl. I'm SO GLAD that it's back on the market. A must buy. Essential. I'm really happy with my purchase and the packaging showed premier customer service. Thank you drugstore.com.

I am so excited that this shampoo and conditioner has been brought back to market. I absolutely LOVE it!!! The smell is like no other! Leaves hair smelling irresistible and beautiful!

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