Kingsford 820-Square Inch Barrel Grill

by Kingsford

Kingsford 820-Square Inch Barrel Grill
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My husband and l love this grill. We grilled on our smaller grill so much the bottom started to fall out (after 2 years). This grill has protection from coals so I believe we will have this for a long time. The grill gets hot really fast, and burns really long. I would recommend this to anyone who cooks with coal. The food taste you get from this grill is unbelievable. Best charcoal grill I ever owned. The price is unbelievable. This is a power buy for anyone.

This is a great grill, for the size and money. It is a bit flimsy and it does not have a good seal; i.e. the top cover does not align with the bottom. Will see how it does while cooking.

The product quality was great and it was easy to assemble!!!

so easy to assemble, very sturdy, huge cooking area ! just love it.

Fairly easy to assemble, even for a female! The size is perfect--not to small, easily cook burgers, chicken and hot dogs at the same time! Very sturdy, too!

This item took about an hour to put together and everything fit perfectly. I've been grilling everyday for the past week and I'm really loving my new grill. The price was great, and the quality is excellent. I highly recommend this grill.

It was a nice pit except for the dent in the lid we had to bang out so it would close. I would have returned it if I had not needed asap. Looks like someone throw it off the truck on one side.

The grill was exactly what I was looking for, it's very nice looking when put together and is not too large, nor too small and good value for the money. Assembly was relatively easy however I was disappointed that there is a small dent in the hood and we were missing 2 screws and a washer. We will certainly get a lot of use of the grill this summer.

Huge Grill for the price!! We love it!

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