Kiss Me Meter Bad Breath Detector

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Kiss Me Meter Bad Breath Detector
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Very compact and easy to use, but far too pricey. It has been pretty acurate!

Bummer. This would have been a great idea . [...] Thanks!

It is very compact. Easy to use, and I am hoping it is accurate. I believe that the readings are affected by temperature and humidity. Also, it's shown me about 5-6 times that the battery is low, it flashes 5 times consecutively, the product is brand new, so this might be a malfunction. I am very paranoid about my breath, so I check every 45-60mins, it usually gives me a green light, but I feel like it might be misreading. Overall I think it takes off some of the pressure of knowing if your breath is on fire or if it’s green to go. Definitely recommend for those who wonder and are too shy to ask friends and family.

I tested this product. How a Halimeter works is it is registering the sulfur content in your mouth. I waited about 2 hours after I ate and brushed my teeth. I drank only water. I used the halimeter and it was green and yes, of course, I did not believe it. I understand how it works so I had dried pineapple, very high in sulfites, and should register as horrible breath, even though it will not cause it, with this halimeter. Well, it worked. I was green before the pineapple and complete red afterwards. I understand that other people tested this item and it didn't work. I think you need to purchase it and test it. It has the ability to get the job done but it is made cheaply. What does that tell you? A lot of them will be broken or malfunction. So overall it is a cool little gadget, if you get one that actually works. It is easy enough to test though. If your lucky enough to get one that passes the test you can take the green light as a go.

Always comes up green. Sometimes it goes towards the red but always settles on green. We got two of them and both do the same. We tested them at dinner. Garlic on steak and three DIFFERENT drinks. You would think the alcohol and garlic together would register bad breath. Nope. Please dont waste your money...btw my dogs breath is fine for kissing. wanna give it a shot?

it is not worth the money

I tested it and it worked perfectly. The problem with the other reviewers is that they can't read or follow directions. Like the dude from New Jersey that said it comes up green every time. OF COURSE IT DOES IN THE SYSTEM CHECK PHASE. READ DUDE ! You're supposed to hold down the button until the lights each flash and return to green. THEN you breath into it. My first reading was yellow probably from those onions on hot dogs last night still with me. I drank half a beer and the thing went red. How can you beat this ? READ and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS !

Complete waste of money. It doesn't work AT ALL! Demand a refund!

This is the most amazing product for the price I have ever seen. I have now found that it detects when a low carb dieter is in keotosis. You can even ajust your level of keotosis by eating carbs and watching the change on the meter. Remember, to use this product, once you press the button, you must WAIT until the system test is completed (various lights flashing in sequential order) and it has returned to a steady green before you breath into it. It then indicates the breath measurement. If you don't follow these instructions, you will get the results of some of these other reviewers who simply can't follow directions..

This is the most amazing product that really works !! Some folks apparently have not read the instructions. Once the button is pressed, it goes through a system test and cannot be used until the green light is steady lit. Then the user simply breaths into the sensor from about an inch away, and it again goes into a light display. The breath measurment is finally displayed and blinks by itself. I have tested it over and over again and it never fails to detect bad breath.

I'm not sure I trust the readings. Sometimes (like first thing in the morning) my results were a green dot (which means "kiss me")...yeah right! Also, I used it several times a day. The first 2 days I got typical results after eating (the device lit up several or all 5 dots), but after the second day, no matter what I ate or what time of day, the meter lights would not light up past the 2nd or 3rd dots. That's why I wonder about the battery life. Interesting to play around with, but I wouldn't trust it.

I can't believe I bought this thing.. It is junk . Do not spend [$] on this thing. If you can find it for a dollar or two by all means buy it

To trying to save you from wasting your money. I knew I had bad breath and tried it and said I had excellent breath.

I DID read the directions and waited for the lights to go through the flashing cycle and to settle on green. I blew into the device with a "hoooo" (NOT like when blowing out a candle) but I still got inconsistent results. Again, this might be due to a short battery life. I do plan on replacing the battery and giving the product another shot, but for now I do not trust the results. Especially b/c I got my husband to try it when he had that funky yucky smell one gets when you don't floss, and HIS result was GREEN. I can tell you, I was sitting beside him and his breath was NOT kissable!

does not work

The lights started by quickly traveling around, and I wasn't sure how long I had to breathe into it for results, or whether it had to be continuous. It did seem to be giving reasonable readings, and indicated my breath was good before eating chocolate, but bad afterward. Unfortunately, the instructions were only in Korean, and the Korean web site provided didn't have any more information. Also, after I left it in my pocket for a couple of hours, it no longer worked at all. I plan to try a new battery, but haven't gotten around to replacing the battery, yet.

Some blinking lights but no result from the first use. Contacted Co website, but no info for this device. They are more interested in alcohol breath related stuff. Don't buy this product.

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