Nature's Gate Natural Roll, On Deodorant, Spring Fresh 3 oz - 2 pk.

by Nature's Gate Organics

Nature's Gate Natural Roll, On Deodorant, Spring Fresh 3 oz - 2 pk.
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Not Ranked in Women's Deodorants

less residue


Took a while to dry (being a roll-on), and did NOT control odor at all - literally 1 hour after using the odor was worse than if I had not used anything at all. Very disappointed.

I am allergic to so many deoderants that I fell in LOVE when I found this one! It actually works and I don't break out from all the additivites that are in so many other brands. I would recommend this to everyone!

The product works however, it is advertised as being paraben free when it is not. Read the ingrediant list. It contains methylparaben.

No t sticky. Works at least 24 hours.No cons

I've tried them all, the $10 deodorants that supposedly stop sweat, the cheaper one's that are anti-perspirant and deodorant combo, but nothing compares with Nature's Gate. I tried it and was amazed how well it performed, and its aluminum free! I used it in the morning before work, and at 8p in the evening, I didnt stink! Brilliant! My wife was even amazed. Give it a shot, the price is even fair.

I have been using this for a while, it hasn't failed me yet.Other natural deoderants (without aluminum) have notheld up during the hot summer months while working outdoors.Thank you!

I like the fact that I no longer have any itching from my old anti-persperant, but it doesn't quite keep all of the smell down at the end of the day. I usually reapply before the gym, or ELSE!!!

For years the only anti-perspirant I used was Mitchum Anti-bacterial roll on. I hate the solid cakey white stuff, and the antibacterial was the only type that seemed effective all day long. Nature's Gate roll-on works just as well as Mitchum did for me, plus it smells better and is natural! Score.

So far I am happy with this product. I don't really care for scented deodorants but this one smells nice and is not overpowering. It isn't quite strong enough to control odor on very heavy activity days (on those I rely on a deodorant with antiperspirant. On the average days though this works just fine and makes me feel like I may be doing myself a favor by not using aluminum products all the time.

I bought this deodorant because I was looking for something that doesn't contain aluminum. I have to say I haven't smelled my own sweat for a long time before I started using this deodorant. It smells good, but doesn't work as well as aluminum deodorants unfortunately. I can only use when I am home, around the house doing some light physical activity. I don't dare put it on when I go out because it doesn't protect that well.

No aluminum,and a good smell. What more can one ask for?

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