Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - 3.75 oz Tube

by Palmer's

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - 3.75 oz Tube
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11th in lotions

improves dryness
for sensitive skin


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A great go to product! Especially great for the harsh winter months! I usually hate the cocoa butter smell but if I want cocoa butter this is the way to go! Not overpowering and keeps my skin moisturized and soft

Used this product while I was pregnant and didn't get one stretch mark. Although I've always taken care serious by moisturizing daily I still do believe this product helped while I was pregnant mostly towards the end when my tummy really started to itch

Perfect for super dry skin but the smell can be a but too much at time but over all it's works great!

I have always used this brand. This one is very convenient because the texture is better than the original formula because its not as thick. It smells awesome, like cocoa butter. It feels good on the skin and doesnt feel greasy. I use on the very dry areas of my skin like knees, elbows, feet and areas where i have scars or stretch marks. It feels like you are feeding your skin with goodness. I recommend.

I used this stuff like crazy before and after baby and I have no stretch marks. I son't know if it's genetics of the lotion but I can tell you it stopped the pregnancy stretch itching.

I don't know about this tiny bottle, when using this stuff for pregnancy you will need way more, but I have used this on my skin threw three pregnancies one with twins and I have very little stretch marks, plus it helped with the itching!!! Must have for soon to be moms!!!

I'm not loving this product. It moisturizes somewhat and is not very expensive. I do not like the way it smells. It gives me a headache do I try to only use on parts that are covered by a good layer of clothes

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