Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Jumbo Pack

by Pampers

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Jumbo Pack
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3rd in diapers

good fit
less leaky
fewer rashes


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No blowouts! We love our swaddlers and they fit our little one so well! We are always able to find good deals and they are such great quality. I would recommend these as a great diaper for all littles!

I like these for when my kids are newborn because of how soft they are. As the kids get older and sleep through the night these leave their pjs felling damp. Recommend for newborn babies!

Love pampers swaddlers for newborns and up. Never had many leaks or blowouts only when it was time to move up a size. I absolutely love the wet indicator and the cloth like texture it has vs huggies.

I love pampers! When I had my first son 6 1/2 years ago we used these until he grew out of the size 1. I love the powdery scent of these diapers. I had my second son last year and I loved the blue line to indicate when he was wet. I was disappointed when the larger diapers didn't have the blue line.

Great for newborn babies. They hold up very well even against the messiest of messy diapers. My son loves them and my daughter loved them when she was in them. The perfect diapers to begin parenthood with

I love these, I used Pampers swaddlers with all 3 of my kids. The soft feeling is great for baby and the blue line is great for the middle of night changes. I would recommend :)

Seems to have caused a bad break out on my little bou

They fit alright but I prefer Huggies. The leak indicator wasn't as good as Huggies. The newborn fit seemed too small on my 3 week old. I guess it's a personal preference.

I love these diapers! I first used huggies because for my baby shower I got 4 huge boxes. When my son was born the hospital used these on him, when I got home I didn't see the need for a specific brand so I used what I had, big mistake!! Not only did huggies leave a horrible diaper rash, but the moment he used the bathroom, blow outs everywhere. It was aweful! What I love about swaddlers is the easy to read pee pee indicator, helps detect when baby needs changed even when they don't go potty, sweat can sometimes irritate them so a new diaper is always nice when too much moister is trapped down there! Great product. Oh and if you ever have issues with pampers, contact them directly and they will do almost anything to help, I had a box of diapers fall apart on me, totally blow apart when my daughter would pee in them, to the point the gel came out, only about 5 diapers in the box were defective and pampers sent me 6 $10 off coupons. Now that's great customer service!

Swaddler diapers are life savers, especially for toss and turning babies.

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