PopChips Sweet Potato

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PopChips Sweet Potato
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So, by now I have tried a few of the different flavors of this variety of chip, with mostly good experiences (ignoring the salt and vinegar variety, which should be banned, if you ask me), so I thought that I would try this version. The result? Well, what's the difference between a sweet potato popchip and a regular one? As it turns out, not much. Just some coloring, from what I could discern. The two flavors are nearly identical, except that this one has a little extra coloring. If you blindfolded me, I wouldn't be able to say what the difference was. That's not to say that they aren't good. They are; just like the regular flavor are good. There just isn't a difference, if you ask me, so if you are thinking that you are going to get something really cool and different, that's not going to happen. On the plus side, though, if you are concerned about salt, these have almost half the amount as the other varieties, which was nice. And they are still good.

So glad I snagged the last bag of these out of the office snack-cache. Great sweet-salty balance and so crispy and greaseless, it takes all the self-loathing out of a chip snack. This is my new favorite popchip flavor! Really natural-tasting as well. Would be great as a crunchy chili topper or paired with cheese and apples.

Got to admit didn't try these yet.. However I love sweet potato chips .. And being on weight watchers and trying the pop chips BBQ ( Awsome) gotta try these!!!! Giving 5 stats ahead of time I know I will love these!!! Hard to find all the flavors in my grocery store, but will keep looking everywhere I go.

These are friggin delicious!! They are just the right balance of sweet and salty and don't sit too heavy in your stomach, they're a pretty perfect snack if you ask me.

These are really good! Even though I love sweet potatoes I was a bit skeptical about trying these. I am so glad that I did. Great flavor and a nice crunch! I will be buying again.