PurAqua Purified Water

by PurAqua

PurAqua Purified Water
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I love this product. It is better than other more expensive waters. It tastes great and clean. I will always buy. I recommend this to anyone who wants to save but wants good quality. I bought this at Aldi.

LOVE it!!!It is the best tasting water! I Do wish it also came in a gallon size! I drink only this water all day and it would be nice to have it in the gallon size to be more convenient and use less bottles. Keep up the good work!

Less water in bottle sometimes tends to spill when you first open

Buy from Aldys!! Price is Great and Water is delicious!! We always crush these bottles after we finish a bottle of water!!! Lol I keep bottles in the fridge(love cold bottled water) and Dad drinks his room temperature! Yummy! Perfect sized bottle!!!

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