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A snack I could eat ALL DAY LKNG.

When u get that feeling in your tummy take a bite and you won't be hungry. Brings a smile about ur face, never new how great it tasted.

Classic Korean snack! It may not suit some of the average American taste bud for it may not be sweet enough or flavorful enough. However for average Korean this is considered a sweet snack. Everyone has different taste buds...

I recently bought a box of these from Costco because my friend really likes them, but I have to say, the biscuit part is a bit dry and the chocolate coating is a bit thin. However the marshmallow center is super soft and fluffy, it kind of gets addicting. Just drink water or milk with it

I really love these things. The story about this and Korea is funny also. This is my go to snack when I need something since I is covered in chocolate and has a bread and marshmallow part.

Wow. Talk about disappointment. I got a small one of these in a monthly box that I subscribe to and was really eager to taste it. Well, what can I say? Not flavor, the chocolate coating, if you can call it that, was too thin and broke off into little pieces, some of which I lost to the floor, and the "marshmallow" part? Hmm...if rice cakes had no texture they would be this stuff. Ugh.

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