Soft Gear My Changer - Mint

by Soft Gear

Soft Gear My Changer - Mint
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Great booster seat with built-in suction cups on the bottom to keep in place. Very easy to clean, you can even put it in the dishwasher! Light enough that our grandchild carries it wherever he goes, he loves it too!

Bought this for my 2 year old - she was so excited when it arrived. She loves sitting in a big chair at the table with mom and dad. It is very comfortable and supportive but not stiff. Very easy to wipe clean, light weight so it is portable - all around great booster seat. Would definitely recommend. FYI - the blue color is brighter and prettier than the picture - not baby blue as shown

Perfect for my two year old, now that we don't need a strap-in booster. This booster is soft, easy to clean, and gently suctions to the chair so it's much more difficult to tip or fall than a traditional plastic booster (like the kind you find at restaurants). Comes with a zip-around carrying case too. I'm ordering a second so we have an extra for taking with us for going out to eat and grandma's house. My son has actually fallen out of his chair in the other boosters since they're so unstable, so I love bringing this with. Totally worth the $$.

I love this booster seat! My daughter was 21 months when she first started using it. She loves it! It is very comfortable for her to sit in and even though it doesn't "suction" to my dining room chairs because of the design of my chair, the rubber texture of the seat keeps it in place - it never slides out of place. I just love it and would recommend it to anyone!!!

Purchased Space Saver High Chairs for our girls but found they would not allow them to sit close to the table when they were ready for booster. Purchased a booster seat to find their knees hit the skirt of the table. I purchased one Soft Gear My Booster, and just ordered a second one. My three year old (36") and 20 month old (33") can sit comfortably at the table, they do not slide, are easy to clean and best of all they are easy to remove when adults need a seat. They elevate the girls a little over three inches. The downside to these seats is they fought over the first one and I find it in front of the TV at times!

LOVE this booster. So easy to clean and finally found a booster that suits my long legged 4 year old. She's tall for her age (in 5yr old clothing) but not quite tall enough to sit comfortably in a grown up chair. Sturdy, stays in place, the suctions cups don't work on our shaped chairs, but you don't really need them as it stays put anyway. The material is a sturdy foam and looks like it will last a long time without crumbling etc. The first booster I've found that works for long legs! Yeah! We're impressed.

We have triplets (2 girls and 1 boy) and had a 2year old at the time. They are now old enough to sit at the table in their own booster seats. Each child has their own color and they couldn't be happier. They take the seats everywhere with them. I love them because they are easy to clean. Great, soft foam with suction cups on the bottom that keep them in place. Love them!

being the grandma of triplets it is not easy to keep everybody seated during dinner... or any time! The trips really love their booster and each has their own color, brown and blue for the boys and pink for the princess. They take their booster everywhere. Very easy to clean and with the suction function they stay in place great. Definitely a great booster!

My toddler loves this booster. She hauls it around to sit on, can get off and on the chair to sit at the table with us. It stays put on our wooden chairs. It's apparently comfortable as it is the cushion of choice for many uses around the house. Its a hit.

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