Vicks VapoRub Greaseless Cream

by Vicks

Vicks VapoRub Greaseless Cream
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I actually prefer this better than the regular vapor rub because it absorbs faster so it's not as messy. I also like the fact that it's greaseless so I can just carry this around with me and apply it whenever!

I like this a lot for the less greasy/ less messy factor but sometimes I just don't feel like it lasts as long or isn't as strong so it isn't as effective. I still have it in my medicine cabinet but when I'm really sick I reach for the original.

I've always loves Vicks but this is messy.

I've grew up using Vicks vapor rub for years and always hated the greasy feeling of it on my skin. When I saw this I couldn't wait to try it to see if it worked as well as the greasy stuff. It's great and rubs right into your skin and the warmth it brings is instant and lasts about an hour or so. The vapors are very strong when it first goes on so my breathing is helped right away. If my nose is stuffy I put just a tiny dab just under my nose and it opens up my sinuses so keep your tissues nearby. Make sure to not rub your eyes or get the cream near your eyes as it will sting and your eyes will burn from the vapors if put near your eyes. This cream doesn't stain clothing and is so much lighter feeling than the old greasy vapor rub you will love it's texture and how well it works when you've caught that bug that's always "going around".

A must have in the medicine cabinet.

Finally. I remember my grandmother using the greasy version on me when I was young. I'm glad that they came up with this cream version that is not messy and absorbs easy but still gives you relief. I have this in my suitcase when ever I travel.

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